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Able Seaman Anna Cocquyt

Corporal Braden Trudeau

Able Seaman Anna Cocquyt fires a line gun from HMCS Halifax to Spanish oiler Cantabria during a replenishment at sea as part of DYNAMIC MARINER in the Atlantic Ocean on October 11.

Halifax joins NATO partners for cooperative deployment in Mediterranean

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Halifax was among 32 ships, two submarines and approximately 5,000 sailors from 18 NATO-member countries that participated in DYNAMIC MARINER 19 off the coast of Rota, Spain, from October 7 to 18.

“The strength of NATO is our ability to come together when needed. This is a powerful skill, and like all skills, it’s necessary to practise it,” said Commodore Josée Kurtz, Commander of HMCS Halifax and Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2).

“It is impressive to integrate within a large multinational force for the first time, and getting to see the procedures that you’ve been taught get put into practise, all while working with ships from different navies and backgrounds. It’s truly inspiring,” she said.

After the conclusion of DYNAMIC MARINER 19, Halifax continued to provide a NATO maritime presence in the Mediterranean with SNMG2 on Operation REASSURANCE.

HMCS Ottawa


HMCS Ottawa conducts manoeuvres with the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force during KAEDEX 19, which took place October 16 to 17.

HMCS Ottawa visits Japan, South Korea, on Op PROJECTION

HMCS Ottawa is in the Asia-Pacific region where it participated in Operation NEON and then continued its presence in the Asia-Pacific region on Operation PROJECTION.

While in the region, Ottawa also participated in KAEDEX 19 with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force October 16 to 17. The cooperative deployment focused on interoperability in a number of areas including anti-submarine warfare, tactical manoeuvres and an alongside joint naval boarding party scenario. Both navies used the opportunity to compare and contrast training to develop best practices.

Op NEON is Canada’s contribution to supporting United Nations sanctions that pressure North Korea to abandon its weapons of mass destruction programs and responds to North Korean nuclear weapon tests and ballistic missile launches.

Throughout the month, Ottawa completed port visits in Busan, South Korea, as well as the Japanese ports of Sasebo and Yokosuka. The ship is currently preparing to participate in ANNUALEX in November.

HMCS St. John’s

Lieutenant-Commander Katy Shearer

HMCS St. John’s passes through the Larocque Bridge in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Que., on October 19 as it makes its way to Windsor, Ont., on the 2019 Great Lake Deployment.

HMCS St. John’s begins Great Lakes Deployment

On October 15, HMCS St. John’s departed Halifax towards the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway as part of the annual Great Lakes Deployment (GLD).

The ship visited Windsor, Ont., from October 22 to 25, followed by a visit to Toronto from October 27 to 30, where it hosted celebrations honouring the 70th anniversary of NATO organized by the NATO Association of Canada.

These visits gave Canadians an opportunity to see their navy firsthand by walking on board a serving warship, going on day sails and talking in person to the ship’s crew about what a career in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is like. The RCN recruits people interested in making a difference as part of a dynamic, exciting and diverse team to protect Canadian values and interests at home and abroad.

After departing Toronto, St. John’s will be making November stops in Montréal, Québec City and Sept-Îles before ending its voyage in Halifax.


##MCECOPY##50th Anniversary of the Kootenay Explosion Commemoration Ceremony

Mona Ghiz

The crowd during the 50th Anniversary of the Kootenay Explosion Commemoration Ceremony held at the Bonaventure Anchor Memorial, Point Pleasant Park in Halifax Nova Scotia.

Ceremony commemorates 50th anniversary of HMCS Kootenay explosion

October 23, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the engine room explosion that killed nine members of HMCS Kootenay’s crew and forever altered the lives of many others.

To remember those shipmates lost and to acknowledge the heroic actions of other crew members following this catastrophic event, the Kootenay family joined members of the RCN, past and present, friends and members of the public for a commemorative ceremony at Point Pleasant Park’s Bonaventure Anchor Memorial in Halifax.

Commodore Josée Kurtz

Corporal Braden Trudeau

Commodore Josée Kurtz, Commander of Standing NATO Maritime Group Two, exits the CH-148 Cyclone helicopter call sign Kingfisher, after flying over the Mediterranean Sea during Operation REASSURANCE on September 5.

Commodore Kurtz leading the way for women in the RCN

As the first female commander of a principal warship (HMCS Halifax) and the first female commander of SNMG2, Cmdre Josée Kurtz hopes her accomplishments will motivate other women in the navy to set goals for themselves and work hard to achieve them.

Jenny Pike


Jenny Pike prepares her photographic equipment.

Female photographer broke new ground during Second World War

In the proudest moment of her naval career, Jenny Whitehead Pike helped process the earliest photographs of the D-Day invasion during the Second World War.

Pike was one of the first women to be trained as a photographer and photo technician, and was part of a ground-breaking wave of female recruits to the join the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service during the war.


Message from the Deputy Minister and Chief of the Defence Staff regarding the CAF/DND Sexual Misconduct Class Actions

The Government of Canada has agreed to a settlement relating to several class action lawsuits regarding sexual misconduct that were brought on behalf of current and former Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members.

To learn more about the Class Actions and how the proposed settlement may impact you, please visit the CAF/DND Sexual Misconduct Class Actions website or call 1-888-626-2611.


Lt(N) Michael-Lucien Bergeron

Canada Running Series

Lieutenant (Navy) Michael-Lucien Bergeron sets a “joggling” Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest time in completing a half-marathon while juggling three balls at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 21, 2018.

Meet Lieutenant (Navy) Michael-Lucien Bergeron. He is a Naval Warfare Officer and currently holds two Guinness World Records for the competitive sport of joggling.