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HMCS Toronto bridge window

MCpl Manuela Berger

Photo from the bridge window of HMCS Toronto, flagship, Standing NATO Maritime Group 2, as it fired its 57mm gun on July 19 during SEA BREEZE 19 in the Black Sea while on Operation REASSURANCE.

HMCS Toronto participates in SEA BREEZE 19 while on Op REASSURANCE

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Toronto, flagship of NATO Standing Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2), took part in SEA BREEZE 19, a 12-day multinational engagement that included participation from 32 warships and 24 aircraft from 19 different countries. The engagement focused on interoperability and combined capability and capacity-building amongst NATO allies and partner nations. SEA BREEZE is an annual event co-hosted by Ukraine and the United States in international waters off the Ukrainian coast. “The ships, aircraft and crews of SNMG2, working with our allies and partners in SEA BREEZE 19, conducted themselves with utmost professionalism,” said Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Commodore (Cmdre) Josée Kurtz, Commander SNMG2. “They have clearly demonstrated their capability to operate together where required, as required and when required.”

HMCS Halifax air detachment

Cpl Braden Trudeau

Members of the air detachment on board HMCS Halifax arm an MK-46 torpedo on a CH-148 Cyclone helicopter on July 15 as part of a training exercise during Operation REASSURANCE in the Atlantic Ocean.

HMCS Halifax departs for Op REASSURANCE

HMCS Halifax departed for the Mediterranean Sea on July 14. It will relieve HMCS Toronto on Operation REASSURANCE and serve as the flagship for Cmdre Kurtz. It will conduct regional patrols, enhance interoperability with allies and enhance cooperation with NATO partners over the next six months.

HMCS Regina

Cpl Stuart Evans

HMCS Regina participates in a photo exercise on July 11 during TALISMAN SABRE 2019 as part of Operation PROJECTION.

HMCS Regina and NRU Asterix participate in TALISMAN SABRE 19 while on Op PROJECTION Asia-Pacific

HMCS Regina and Naval Replenishment Unit (NRU) Asterix recently completed their deployment on Operation NEON and were off the coast of Australia in the Coral Sea to participate in TALISMAN SABRE 19 from July 11 to 24. TALISMAN SABRE occurs every two years, is alternately led by the Australian Defence Force and United States Armed Forces, and aims to maintain and improve interoperability amongst allies and partner nations. This year was one of the largest showings in more than three decades and included vessels from Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

HMCS St. John’s


HMCS St. John’s welcomed the first Royal Canadian Air Force CH-148 Cyclone on board its flight deck while at sea, December 8, 2018.

HMCS St. John’s conducts patrols and training

HMCS St. John’s performed ship-without-air-detachment training this month, certifying the ship to receive and handle helicopters without having an air detachment aboard. The ship and crew also supported Royal Canadian Air Force anti-submarine warfare training with a Cyclone helicopter and the use of its dipping sensor.

HMCS Oriole crew


The crew of HMCS Oriole while embarked on the Great Lakes Deployment. Oriole’s crew is made up of RCN members, as well as sea cadets between the ages of 13 and 16 years old, and is captained by Lieutenant-Commander Drew Foran.

Great Lakes Deployment in full swing

This year’s Great Lakes Deployment is in full swing. HMCS Oriole placed first in a race off the shore of Cleveland, Ohio, beating the second place ship by a full 17 minutes. Oriole’s crew also celebrated Canada Day in Toronto and U.S. Independence Day in Buffalo, N.Y., and visited Windsor and Goderich, both in Ontario. The crew conducted public tours at each port visit to show off Oriole and to talk about life in the RCN.


Message from the Deputy Minister and Chief of the Defence Staff regarding the CAF/DND Sexual Misconduct Class Actions

The Government of Canada has agreed to a settlement relating to several class action lawsuits regarding sexual misconduct that were brought on behalf of current and former Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members.

To learn more about the Class Actions and how the proposed settlement may impact you, please visit the CAF/DND Sexual Misconduct Class Actions website or call 1-888-626-2611.

Results of the HMCS Chicoutimi Health Surveillance Study shared at Town Hall

The RCN and Canadian Forces Health Services Group have finalized the first phase of a health study designed to systematically document and describe the health effects associated with crew members’ exposure to the October 2004 fire on board Her Majesty’s Canadian Submarine Chicoutimi. The results of the health study were shared with the former members of Chicoutimi and the Care and Custody Team at a Town Hall on July 11 at Canadian Forces Base Halifax.

Admiral Kingsmill


Admiral Sir Charles Edmund Kingsmill

Admiral Sir Charles Edmund Kingsmill, one of the founding fathers of the RCN

Admiral Kingsmill saw the RCN safely through a period of limited resources, political controversy and the heavy demands of the First World War. He strengthened the navy’s coastal commands and intelligence gathering organization, essential foundations for the future growth of the navy.


PO2 Nancy Ervin


PO2 Nancy Ervin works out on the elliptical machine at the Personnel Support Program’s reconditioning gym in Halifax.

Meet Petty Officer 2nd Class Nancy Ervin! She recently began a structured exercise program with the Personnel Support Program in Halifax that focuses on helping members exercise safely while dealing with injury or illness. Read how this program, after years of injury, has already started to benefit her physical and mental health.

CPO2 (Retired) Bradley Browne


Portrait of CPO2 (Retired) Bradley Browne.

Meet Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class (Retired) Bradley Browne! His dedication to marksmanship helped him become an RCN national Coach of the Year.

Ordinary Seaman Reed Eady


Portrait of RAVEN recruit Ordinary Seaman Reed Eady.

Meet RAVEN recruit Ordinary Seaman Reed Eady! He is one of 42 RAVEN recruits on a six-week basic training program designed for Indigenous youth.