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HMCS Toronto

MCpl Manuela Berger

NATO allies move into formation beside HMCS TORONTO in preparation for a gun exercise in the Black Sea during NATO Exercise SEA SHIELD, April 8, 2019.

HMCS Toronto participates in SEA SHIELD 2019 while on Op REASSURANCE

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Toronto continued its Op REASSURANCE deployment in support of NATO assurance measures in Central and Eastern Europe. The ship recently completed a deployment to the Black Sea where it conducted maritime patrols as part of Standing NATO Maritime Group Two.

Toronto also participated in SEA SHIELD 2019, an at-sea engagement that enhanced interoperability with allies and partners from the task group. Over 20 ships from Romania, Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, the Netherlands and Turkey worked with maritime patrol aircraft from the United States and Turkey to conduct scenarios designed to enhance readiness, joint warfare tactics, and techniques used against underwater, surface and airborne threats.

Crews from HMC Ships Shawinigan and Kingston


Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, CMM, CD, Commander Royal Canadian Navy and Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Michel Vigneault, MMM, CD, Chief Petty Officer of the Navy pose with crews from HMC Ships Shawinigan and Kingston while in port in Casablanca, Morocco during Op PROJECTION West Africa.

HMC Ships Kingston and Shawinigan successfully conclude Op PROJECTION West Africa

HMC Ships Kingston and Shawinigan successfully concluded Op PROJECTION West Africa this month. After paying a final port visit to Casablanca, Morocco. The visit was filled with several local engagements, and our deployed sailors were presented with medals and congratulated for their outstanding achievements by the Commander and Command Chief Petty Officer of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Both ships arrived back in Halifax on April 26.

Members of  CTF 150


Members of the combined Canadian-Australian CTF 150 Task Force, led by Commodore Darren Garnier, stand with Vice-Admiral James Malloy, USN, Commander Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) upon conclusion of the April 11, 2019 Change of Command ceremony after Canada handed over command to Pakistan.

Combined Task Force 150 change of command ceremony

Commodore Darren Garnier, RCN, relinquished command of Combined Task Force 150 to Commodore Alveer Ahmed Noor of the Pakistan Navy during a change of command ceremony held at Naval Support Activity Bahrain on April 11. The ceremony was presided over by Vice-Admiral James Malloy, U.S. Navy, Commander Combined Maritime Forces. Since December 6, 2018 the Canadian-led task force, supported by the Royal Australian Navy, completed 18 successful boardings of suspicious vessels and seized and destroyed over 33,000 kg of illegal narcotics valued at approximately $41 million USD. This marks the second largest volume of illegal narcotics seized in CTF 150’s history.

CF150 during Operation ARTEMIS

Corporal Stuart Evans

Canadian Task Force 150 during Operation ARTEMIS in the Pacific Ocean on March 31 2019.

HMCS Regina and NRU Asterix support Op ARTEMIS

HMCS Regina and Naval Replenishment Unit (NRU) Asterix joined then Canadian-led Combined Task Force 150 at the end of March to conduct maritime patrols in the waters of the Persian Gulf and off the east coast of Africa. On April 6, HMCS Regina seized 2,596 kg of hashish while deployed in the Indian Ocean as part of Op ARTEMIS after spotting a suspicious fishing vessel known as a dhow off the coast of Oman. A search of the dhow was conducted, during which 119 bags of hashish were located in the ice hold.

On April 15, Regina conducted a second significant interdiction,  seizing more than 150 bags containing 3,019 kg of hashish, also off the coast of Oman.

On April 18, the ship and crew conducted their third successful interdiction of the month, seizing 1,502 kg of hashish and 10.5 kg of heroin.

In all instances the ship deployed its Naval Tactical Operations Group that specializes in advanced boarding operations at sea.

HMCS Whitehorse crewmember


A crewmember of HMCS Whitehorse programs coordinates into the GPS of a Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat during Operation CARIBBE on April 12, 2019.

HMC Ships Whitehorse and Yellowknife patrol the Caribbean on Op CARIBBE

HMC Ships Whitehorse and Yellowknife are currently deployed to the eastern Pacific Ocean on Op CARIBBE. Since departing in mid-March, the ships have been patrolling the eastern Pacific to help stop the flow of illicit drugs into North America. The ships have also conducted a cooperative deployment with our American allies, and were able to rescue seven endangered sea turtles over four separate occasions.

Ensign Colin Dablain

Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class J. Keith Wilson

Ensign Colin Dablain communicates with HMCS Ville De Québec and US Coast Guard Cutter Campbell from the bridge-wings of the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Jason Dunham during a flag-hoisting competition.

U.S. counterparts travel to Halifax to participate in FRONTIER SENTINEL 2019

United States Coast Guard Ship Campbell came alongside in Halifax on April 6, and the United States Ship Jason Dunham joined the next day. The ships participated in FRONTIER SENTINEL 2019, a combined Canadian Armed Forces, U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard engagement focusing on simulated weather, security and disaster contingencies.

This year’s scenario challenged the tri-party’s command and staff function at the operational headquarters level, as they worked through a complex maritime homeland defence scenario. The ships, including HMCS Ville de Québec, used the opportunity to do some joint training at the tactical level.


Sailors aboard HMCS Whitehorse

Sailors aboard HMCS Whitehorse stay fit while at sea.

RCN focused on quality of life for sailors

People are the foundation of the RCN’s strength and success. To fully support our service members, the RCN is continuously developing new initiatives to improve quality of life, training and recruiting.

HMCS Regina and FS Charles de Gaulle

French Navy

HMCS Regina conducts a cooperative deployment with French Navy aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle during Op ARTEMIS - April 23, 2019.

RCN strengthens interoperability with French Navy Carrier Strike Group

On April 23, 2019 HMCS Regina conducted a cooperative deployment with French Task Force 473, a Carrier Strike Group with nuclear-powered French Navy aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle as its centerpiece. The cooperation took place in the Arabian Sea with the goal of enhancing interoperability and improving communications.



SLt Camille Hamm

Sub-Lieutenant Camille Hamm

Meet Sub-Lieutenant Camille Hamm! She recently represented Canada at an international cross-country skiing competition.


LS Jeffery Haskins

Leading Seaman Jeffery Haskins of Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic) was presented the Atlantic Fleet’s Sailor of the Year award on February 28 by Captain (Navy) Andrew Hingston (right), Deputy Commander Canadian Fleet Atlantic, and Fleet Chief, Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Tim Blonde, left.

Meet Leading Seaman Jeffery Haskins! He joined the Canadian Armed Forces with one goal: become a diver.



VAdm Ron Lloyd

Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, CMM, CD, Commander Royal Canadian Navy visits sailors onboard HMCS Toronto while they were on patrol in the Black Sea as part of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2.

The RCN’s Commander and Command Chief Petty Officer visited sailors onboard HMCS Toronto while they were on patrol in the Black Sea!

The Commander had an opportunity to speak at this year’s Canadian Association of Defence and Securities Industries Navy Outlook.

The Commander and Command Chief Petty Officer had a chance to visit sailors onboard HMC Ships Shawinigan and Kingston in West Africa to thank them for their hard work. Bravo Zulu!


HMCS Toronto

HMCS Toronto firing its 57mm main gun while operating in the Black Sea.

Check out video of HMCS Toronto during its Black Sea deployment as part of Standing NATO Maritime Group Two on Op REASSURANCE.

It’s like the zip line you always imagined having on a giant tree fort, except it’s on a warship. Sailing the Indian Ocean…and way cooler!

Watch Lieutenant-Commander John Stubbs story and see what makes him a Canadian Hero.

HMC Ships Yellowknife and Whitehorse saved seven sea turtles from dire situations on four separate occasions while on Op CARIBBE. Watch as they rescue one of these turtles from debris left behind by a fishing vessel.



Maritime Gala Ball

Maritime Gala Ball will take place on June 15, 2019.

The Maritime Gala Ball

The Maritime Gala Ball will be on Saturday, June 15, starting at 5:30 pm at the beautiful Lac-Leamy Hotel in Gatineau, Que. The Gala presents an opportunity to celebrate our maritime history and acknowledge the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.

Tickets are $125 + HST per person and can be ordered at

Navy Bike Ride

A large crowd of participants ride past during the 2018 Navy Bike Ride.

Navy Bike Ride – Early bird pricing ends May 15

Take advantage of early bird pricing for this year’s edition of the Navy Bike Ride in the National Capital Region.

Registration is just $55 for adults, $20 for children 12 and under, or $140 for a family package for two adults and two children 12 and under. This includes a cycling jersey per adult, a buff per child, or two jerseys and two buffs per family.

This year’s family-friendly event takes place on Saturday, June 8, and starts at the National Research Council on Sussex Drive. It’s a non-timed event on a closed course, a perfect way for your family to spend a Saturday morning. In fact, trailers, child seats and trailer cycles are all welcome.

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