TRIDENT FURY enhances combat readiness

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Navy News / December 9, 2020

By Captain Jenn Jackson

As we quickly head into the 2020 holiday season, a year where almost every person and organization has dealt with the challenge of COVID-19, the multinational naval exercise TRIDENT FURY 20 got under way off the coast of western Vancouver Island.

TRIDENT FURY 20, which continues until December 13, 2020, provides a valuable opportunity for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to maintain operational readiness to deploy on joint operations in a rapid and effective manner alongside our allies and other government organizations. It includes participation from the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Royal Canadian Air Force and United States Coast Guard.

“TRIDENT FURY 20 provides a full spectrum of air and sea tactical warfare training, with the aim of enhancing Canada’s ability to respond to offshore threats and unlawful acts from within a coalition environment,” says Commodore (Cmdre) Angus Topshee, Commander Canadian Fleet Pacific and embarked exercise commander.

“This exercise includes an array of events to enhance individual unit training and combat readiness, including live fire, seamanship, maritime interdiction operations, anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, air defence, mine counter-measures and small boat defence.”

TRIDENT FURY 20 also supports the RCN’s domestic role. At home, maritime defence and security are the navy’s first priorities, helping ensure that Canada’s maritime approaches are effectively monitored and protected.

“As virtually every Canadian depends on international maritime trade either for employment or for consumer benefits, exercises such as TRIDENT FURY 20 help ensure the continuing flow of goods by demonstrating our operational presence in the Northeastern Pacific,” adds Cmdre Topshee.

“This is integral to the mission of the Pacific Fleet and through close cooperation with CAF Health Services and the Fleet Support Medical Unit, Pacific Fleet ships have sustained that role throughout 2020.”

In order to safely proceed to sea in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, members embarking in Pacific Fleet ships observed a pre-sail protocol designed to mitigate the risk of bringing the virus on the ship. The protocols involved quarantine periods and COVID-19 testing.

“We kept a close eye on the increasing number of cases on Vancouver Island in the month preceding the exercise, and increased and adapted our protocols dynamically on the advice of our Health Services staff,” says Cmdre Topshee. “These measures are constantly evolving as they are based on the latest scientific evidence and aim to ensure our sailors remain safe, healthy and able to complete their mission throughout TRIDENT FURY 20 and into 2021.”