Remembrance Day Sentry

"Bravo Zulu" / November 7, 2013

Each week we celebrate the exploits of the exceptional men and women of your Navy from coast to coast.

We mark these outstanding achievements using the traditional naval signal for a job well done...

…Bravo Zulu!

Bravo Zulu (BZ) to Leading Seaman Amber Oldland, who has been selected to be the RCN Sentry for the 2013 Remembrance Day ceremony at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. LS Oldland is a Boatswain from HMCS Winnipeg who excels in her professional life and contributes to her community by working with the Humane Society, the Navy League of Canada and, during the Holidays, the Mustard Seed Food Bank.

The Remembrance Day Sentry Program has annually recognized outstanding Canadian Armed Force members, as well as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police member, for the dedication and professionalism they consistently display, both at work and within their communities.