RCN submarine completes camber dives

"Bravo Zulu" / April 24, 2014

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…Bravo Zulu!

Bravo Zulu to HMCS Chicoutimi for successfully completing two camber dives April 17-18, 2014 at Ogden Point near Victoria Harbour. These camber dives are a key moment in the submarine’s Extended Docking Work Period (EDWP) and an important stepping stone in HMCS Chicoutimi’s return to the fleet, which is expected later this year, as it advances through an exhaustive test and trial program.

A camber dive verifies the submarine’s watertight integrity, as well as the functionality of communications and other key systems. The dives occur in protected harbours, in water deep enough to permit the submarine to be fully submerged. A submarine’s EDWP provides necessary maintenance and upgrades to its 200-plus systems, ensuring that it is ready to conduct a wide variety of domestic and international Canadian security operations.