Master Sailor Diyako Salehi: Serving the country that allowed him to flourish

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Navy News / September 3, 2020

Master Sailor (MS) Diyako Salehi joined the Royal Canadian Navy because he wanted to give back to Canada. He has lived in a number of countries under different regimes and governments, which has given him a unique perspective on life, relationships, and work.

“As an immigrant to Canada from Iran, I always wanted to give back and serve the country that has given me the opportunity to flourish and achieve what I put effort in,” says MS Salehi.

“It also gave me the opportunity to work as an electronic technician, something that has always been an interest of mine.”

MS Salehi is a Weapons Engineering Maintainer – Fire Control aboard Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Regina, which recently participated in RIMPAC, the world’s largest maritime exercise, off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands. The exercise gave sailors the opportunity to see and learn how to organize and work in a multinational naval task force and explore the ways they can individually contribute.

“This has been my first time participating in RIMPAC onboard a Canadian Patrol Frigate,” said MS Salehi.

“I participated in RIMPAC 2018 for three weeks aboard a Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel, which is quite different. It mostly consisted of mine sweeping operations around San Diego, California.”

On board HMCS Regina, MS Salehi participated in a number of training scenarios including multinational anti-submarine warfare exercises, maritime interdiction operations, live-fire events and other cooperative opportunities. HMCS Regina also sported the Admiralty Disruptive paint-scheme being used to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Battle of the Atlantic.

MS Salehi suggested that the exercise allowed the internal partners to foster international relationships and share expertise.

“Despite limitations and changes due to COVID-19 during this year’s RIMPAC, it still provides a wider perspective and understanding in what can be involved in working in a multinational naval exercise,” said MS Salehi.

“It is pretty evident to me that RCN is very capable of contributing and leading a multinational task force.”

When asked what his favourite part of the exercise was, he had this to say:

“I find the manoeuvering of so many warships in such close proximity and in unison quite interesting.”