HMCS Windsor home after international exercise and NATO operation

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Navy News / August 15, 2016

Her Majesty’s Canadian Submarine (HMCS) Windsor returned to its home port of Halifax August 9, 2016, after a successful deployment that included a multinational anti-submarine warfare exercise, and later, an unanticipated real-world operational patrol in support of NATO.

For the first time ever, a Canadian submarine took part in Exercise DYNAMIC MONGOOSE in the Norwegian Sea, joining more than 3,000 sailors and air personnel from eight allied nations. The exercise took place from June 23 to July 2, with HMCS Windsor participating for the last week. The submarine performed well in events with partners, conducting surveillance and warfare training activities with a variety of long-range patrol aircraft, maritime helicopters, surface ships and other submarines.

“I am absolutely pleased with the herculean efforts of the Fleet Maintenance Facility and the ship’s company to ready HMCS Windsor for DYNAMIC MONGOOSE,” said Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy.

Upon completion of the exercise, NATO requested that HMCS Windsor remain in theatre to participate in a real-world operation, the details of which are classified. With the concurrence of the Government of Canada, Windsor was able to remain on station and directly support its allies for an additional two weeks before returning home. This request, and the submarine’s quick response, highlights the importance of Windsor’s participation and the value that having a submarine already deployed brings to Canada and its allies.

VAdm Lloyd was impressed with Windsor’s contribution to the exercise, and the ease with which the submarine transitioned to the new operation. “HMCS Windsor’s deployment proves once again the tremendous capability and agility of Canada’s navy operating forward,” he said.

Rear-Admiral John Newton, Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic, agreed: “HMCS Windsor has been a workhorse, sailing over 200 days over the course of 2015 and continuing a similar tempo this year.”

“Submarines permit Canada to act decisively at sea and Windsor has been invaluable for conducting surveillance operations, developing new maritime capabilities and helping the high readiness of NATO maritime forces,” continued RAdm Newton.

The submarine traveled 7,000 nautical miles during its 53-day deployment. HMCS Windsor remains fully operational and following a much-deserved summer leave period, will be participating in Exercise CUTLASS FURY 2016 in September.