HMCS Toronto returns home from successful mission

Crowsnest - Spring 2014 / April 24, 2014

The crew of HMCS Toronto arrived home in Halifax on February 27, reuniting with family and friends after more than seven months in the Arabian Sea region.

“During our mission on Operation Artemis, the crew of HMCS Toronto worked tirelessly to deny the use of the maritime environment to terrorist organizations and to demonstrate solidarity with our many international partners and allies in the region,” said Commander Matt Bowen, commanding officer. “I couldn’t be more proud of their efforts and dedication given the many achievements of this crew over the past seven months.”

This was the second crew in Toronto since the frigate left Halifax on January 14, 2013. She has since been replaced in the Arabian Sea region by HMCS Regina.

Quick facts

  • This represented one of the longest naval deployments of a single hull in recent history. Toronto spent 375 days away from home and 279 days at sea, travelling close to 80,000 nautical miles (more than 146,000 kilometres) over the span of the deployment. This is the equivalent to just over 3.5 times around the world.
  • Toronto departed Halifax on January 14, 2013, arriving in the Arabian Sea region on February 3, 2013, to begin her mission on Op Artemis. Although Toronto was maintained in operations in the Arabian Sea region for over one year, the entire crew rotated out in late July 2013. The second crew completed the mission on February 2, 2014.
  • In total, Toronto successfully intercepted and destroyed nine narcotics shipments, totalling approximately 8.5 metric tonnes.
  • Toronto’s CH-124 Sea King helicopter logged over 800 flying hours, and the unmanned aerial vehicle detachment logged over 1,200 operational hours.
  • Toronto conducted 16 port visits designed to reinforce relations with strategic partners, and to demonstrate that Canada is actively involved in setting the conditions for security and stability in the Arabian Sea region.