HMCS Calgary strengthens interoperability with Japan and Australia

Navy News / April 16, 2021

By Captain Jeff Klassen

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Calgary participated in a cooperative deployment (CODEP) with the Royal Australian Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force while in the Indian Ocean from April 8-9.

The CODEP, which included Her Majesty’s Australian Ships (HMAS) Anzac and Sirius and the Japanese Ship Akebono, involved electronic warfare, maneuvering, helicopter and communications exercises followed by a replenishment-at-sea (RAS) and a photo exercise. During the RAS, Australian and Canadian ships swapped hats, badges, and coins as well as other gifts.

At the time of the CODEP, Calgary was wrapping up the first leg of Operation (Op) PROJECTION, where it had made several port visits throughout the Indo-Pacific starting on March 13. On April 15, HMCS Calgary began participating in Op ARTEMIS where it is working as part of Combined Task Force 150 to combat smuggling operations that are used to fund terrorist activities.

“It was great working with the Royal Australian Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force,” said Commander (Cdr) Mark O’Donohue, Calgary’s Commanding Officer.

“Cooperative deployments like this bolster partnerships and improve interoperability.”

HMAS Anzac Commanding Officer Cdr Brendan Horn said all three nations were eager to use the opportunity to come together and train safely and professionally.

“It’s important to take these opportunities to train and operate together and become familiar with each other’s practises whenever we can,” said Cdr Horn.

HMCS Calgary will begin the second leg of Op PROJECTION in July and will return to Canada in September.