RCN’s COVID-19 Response

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) has been taking extraordinary measures to combat COVID-19, the health, safety and welfare of our Regular and Reserve Force sailors, civilian members of the defence team, and our families remains a top priority. It is a responsibility that we have always and will always carefully balance with the requirement to maintain readiness and to complete the tasks and missions assigned to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Navy by the Government of Canada.

Royal Canadian Navy Update of April 23 - Ongoing COVID-19 Response

AB Boechler


I hope that this latest note finds you and yours remaining otherwise healthy and safe as our pandemic response continues unabated. Thank you for sharing by note and/or social media your various heartening stories of your individual successes in safekeeping the health – both physical and mental – of you, your loved ones, and/or your shipmates!

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