Submarine liaison officer boosts Canada-U.S. relationship

"Bravo Zulu" / July 25, 2016

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…Bravo Zulu


Bravo Zulu to Lieutenant-Commander Craig Piccolo, who was recently awarded the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his work as the Canadian Submarine Liaison Officer (CSLO) at the Washington Navy Yard.

Thanks to the long-standing relationship between Canada and the U.S., the RCN is privileged to have strong operational and technical ties with the U.S. submarine fleet and its personnel. This relationship enables greater strategic collaboration with our closest ally, and facilitates ongoing upgrades of Canada’s Victoria-class submarines with proven and interoperable key technologies.

LCdr Piccolo has just completed a three-year posting in the position, which directly supports the Materiel Group in the Department of National Defence, and is the first CSLO to be awarded this commendation. He worked with the U.S. Program Executive Officer Submarines, which is the office responsible for the U.S. Navy’s submarine acquisition and upgrade program. LCdr Piccolo played a key role in facilitating a multitude of government-to-government agreements for the acquisition of key pieces of submarine technology that provide similar capabilities to the latest USN submarines. In doing so, he strengthened Canada-United States relationships along the way.

LCdr Piccolo was commended for his role in enhancing this important strategic relationship, and for his exceptional professionalism and complete dedication to duty. He is now posted to the Joint Command and Staff Programme in Toronto.