Welcome to Esquimalt Harbour

About the harbour

Esquimalt Harbour is administered by the Department of National Defence and is governed by the Canada Marine Act, the Natural and Man-made Harbour Navigation and Use Regulations, and local Practices and Procedures.


A sign at the entrance to Esquimalt Harbour, B.C., indicates the requirement to report to Queen’s Harbour Master Operations, to ensure the safe movement of vessels in the harbour.

All vessels, prior to entering, moving within, or departing Esquimalt Harbour shall contact the Queen’s Harbour Master (QHM) Operations, on VHF Channel 10, or by telephone at 250-363-2160.

Commercial vessels

Esquimalt Royal Roads Anchorage Request Form

For ships requesting to temporarily use an Esquimalt Royal Roads commercial anchorage.

Chart of the Royal Roads Anchorage

A chart providing details about the five anchorages including their coordinates and depths.

Harbour Dues

Esquimalt Harbour dues are payable in accordance with the Public Port Facilities Harbour Dues, Schedule of Rates published by Transport Canada.

Esquimalt Royal Roads Anchorage Hot Work Form

For ships requesting to conduct hot work while using an Esquimalt Royal Roads commercial anchorage.

Royal Roads Anchorage general information

Learn about the Royal Roads Anchorage.

Pleasure craft

Pleasure Craft Reporting Requirement Form

For pleasure craft requesting to temporarily visit the harbour.

Contact us

Fax: 250-363-2124

Telephone numbers:
Queen’s Harbour Master: 250-363-2165
Harbour Official / Assistant to Queen’s Harbour Master: 250-363-7584
Emergency Line 24/7: 250-363-2160 / 250-363-5848
Harbour Control Officer: 250-363-2162
Harbour Operations Officer: 250-363-2160

Mailing Address:
Esquimalt Harbour Management Authority
Building 262 Dockyard
Queen’s Harbour Master
Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt
PO Box 17000 Stn Forces
Victoria BC V9A 7N2

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