The Naden Band Ensembles



Concert Band

led by Lt(N) Catherine Norris

The full complement of 35 musicians in the Naden Band perform in the Concert Band ensemble. This ensemble plays a wide variety of musical genres ranging from traditional wind band repertoire to contemporary and world music. Formal concerts, community festivals and school shows are examples of the kind of events the Concert Band can support. The most popular event of the year is our series of Christmas concerts performed at the Royal theatre; a family tradition enjoyed by all who attend.


Parade Band

led by Lt(N) Catherine Norris

The Parade Band is a concert band that moves. This ensemble is seen publicly year round, appearing annually at Remembrance Day, Victoria Day Parade and Battle of the Atlantic, to name a few. Other than a couple of notable public parades, the vast majority of performances this ensemble gives are of a ceremonial and/or military capacity. The parade band supports visits by foreign dignitaries, our Governor General and Lieutenant Governor as well as local Change of Command ceremonies, award ceremonies, and ship deployments/arrivals.


Pacific Blue Big Band

led by PO 2 Barrie Sorensen

Pacific Blue is an energetic 18-piece big band that provides music for both concert and dance settings.  The band’s dance repertoire spans the decades from the Big Band Swing Era up to popular dance hits from the present, and everything in between.  In a concert setting, the band performs classic and contemporary music from the big band repertoire, and has a special emphasis on music from Canadian and local composers and arrangers, including some from within the band.



led by PO2 Stephen MacDonald

This highly sought after group is known for its ability to entertain audiences in an array of musical styles ranging from mainstream jazz to swing, Afro-Cuban, funk and pop. The ensemble’s instrumentation consists of saxophone, trumpet, guitar, bass, and percussion.


High C’s Clarinet Ensemble

led by PO 2 Melanie Paré

This versatile ensemble can include different sorts of clarinets and other instruments. Its repertoire consists of arrangements from Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Ethnic and Popular music. High C’s actively seeks out opportunities to perform new arrangements by Canadian composers.


Wheelhouse Jazz Band

led by PO 2 Michel Wade

This ensemble consisting of clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tuba, banjo, and drums, dedicates itself to the performance of early jazz standards known as Dixieland music.  With its upbeat and crowd-pleasing renditions of musical hits such as Louis Armstrong's When the Saints Go Marching In, this group is a favourite amongst audiences of all ages.


Jolly Tars

led by PO2 Olivier Néron-Bilodeau

This dynamic group of jazz musicians, all accomplished soloists and improvisers, enjoy performing jazz, latin, rock, pop and R&B music. The ensemble comprised of saxophone, trumpet, piano, bass and drums, is also featured on the Naden Band’s latest jazz recording Ride the Wave.


The Fanfare Trumpets of the Naden Band

led by PO2 Greg Sly

This ensemble adds pageantry to Governmental, Military and Civic events. Notable performances include the arrival of Queen Elizabeth II during her visit in 2002 and the Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games and regular Gala events at Government House, in Victoria.


Prevailing Winds Woodwind Quintet

led by PO2 Katrina Bligh

This ensemble, comprised of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and french horn, performs traditional and contemporary repertoire. The Prevailing Winds are often requested to play formal recitals and ambience music for private functions. In addition, this quintet enjoys educating youth with their interactive and engaging school shows.


Fairwater Brass Quintet

led by PO2 Tim Keels

This brass quintet performs a variety of music ranging from classical to jazz, swing, ragtime, and Dixieland. The group regularly performs public, private and educational concerts. The ensemble also provides ambience music for official functions and receptions.


Four Now

led by PO 1 Jeff Cooper

This saxophone quartet consists of soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. This group of accomplished musicians is known for continuously seeking out new challenges. Four Now boasts a repertoire spanning from classical to jazz and contemporary musical styles such as tango and pop.