MARPAC Command Team

Commander Maritime Forces Pacific

Rear-Admiral Angus Topshee, OMM, MSM, CD

Rear-Admiral Angus Topshee, OMM, MSM, CD

Rear-Admiral (RAdm) Angus Topshee was born in Nepean, Ontario and joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990. His first four years were spent at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) and included a six-month term on exchange at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Upon graduation from RMC in 1994, he was awarded the Canada Memorial Scholarship and, in 1996, earned a Masters of Literature in Strategic Studies from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

After six years of schooling and a short posting to the Directorate of Maritime Force Development at National Defence Headquarters, RAdm Topshee finally started formal MARS training in 1996 and then joined his first ship, Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Winnipeg, in 1997. He was incredibly fortunate to spend the next nine years largely at sea and completed a succession of very rewarding tours and operational deployments as a Navigating Officer, Operations Officer, and Combat Officer on Canada’s Pacific coast.

In 2005, he was selected to attend the “NSC 10” course at the United States Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. That fantastic year was followed by appointment as the Executive Officer of HMCS St. John's in 2006 and then HMCS Toronto in July 2007. As penance for two exciting years at sea as an XO, RAdm Topshee was posted to the Directorate of Maritime Strategy at NDHQ in Ottawa where he was assigned to assist in developing a new strategy for the Royal Canadian Navy.

In July 2009, he was delighted to be given the best job in the Navy – command of HMCS Algonquin, the flagship of Canada’s Pacific Fleet. His time aboard Algonquin was easily the highlight of his career and included high readiness workups, Op PODIUM (security for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics), and Op Pacific Amistad (a five-month deployment in the central and western Pacific). He very reluctantly turned over command at the end of 2010 and was somewhat surprised to find himself immediately heading to Afghanistan as part of the NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan (NTM-A) where he spent a year based in Kabul as the Director of Afghan National Police Training Operations. Upon his return from Afghanistan, RAdm Topshee spent six months working with the Canadian Fleet Pacific staff leading up to his role as the Director of Operations for RIMPAC 2012.

In the summer of 2012 RAdm Topshee was honoured to assume command of Canadian Forces Base Halifax, a position he held for three years. He then attended the National Security Programme (NSP 8) at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto before being promoted and assigned as the Deputy Director of the Strategy, Policy and Plans Directorate North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. In July 2018, RAdm Topshee returned to the West Coast to take command of Canadian Fleet Pacific (the second best job in the Navy).

In April 2021, RAdm Topshee was promoted to his current rank, and in May 2021 assumed command of Maritime Forces Pacific and Joint Task Force Pacific.

RAdm Topshee is blessed with a fantastically supportive wife and four tremendous daughters.

Maritime Forces Pacific Chief Petty Officer

Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Tim Blonde, CD

CPO1 Blonde

CPO1 Tim Blonde grew-up in Woodstock Ontario and in June 1991, he joined the Navy as a Marine Engineer Technician. After completing recruit training, he spent his first three years in the Navy attending St. Lawrence College in Cornwall Ontario under the Marine Engineering Technologist Training Program (METTP).

In 1994, after successfully completing METTP and having obtained his Marine Engineering Technologist Diploma, Tim was posted to CFB Halifax in order to complete the hand-skills phase of the METTP Program. In December 1994 he was posted to the Esquimalt area where he would spend the next five years sailing on HMCS Kootenay and Huron and working in Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton.

In May 2000, Tim was posted to HMCS Cataraqui in Kingston, Ontario as support staff to the Naval Reserve unit. After spending 4 years there and being promoted to PO1, he returned to the west coast and was posted to HMCS Algonquin. In 2007 Tim was posted to Ottawa, Ontario and spent the next 4 years with DPGR and one year with DGMEPM.

Tim returned to the west coast once more as a CPO2 and was posted to HMCS Calgary as the Chief Engineer, where he brought the first post-Halifax Class Modernization Integrated Platform Management System ship out of refit and into operation. He was promoted in Oct 2013 to his current rank and subsequently posted to Director New Capability Introduction. After attending a yearlong French course in Victoria B.C., he was appointed as Coxswain of HMCS Vancouver in July 2016 where he deployed to the South China Sea. In June 2018, he was appointed as the Canadian Fleet Atlantic CPO1 in Halifax, NS and in May 2019, he was appointed into his current position as Maritime Forces Pacific, Formation CPO1.

Commander Canadian Fleet Pacific

Commodore D.E. Mazur, OMM, CD

Commodore D.E. Mazur, OMM, CD

A native of Kitchener Ontario, Commodore (Cmdre) Mazur enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces on completion of High School, completing his Basic Officer Training in Chilliwack, BC in December 1988.

Following training ashore and at sea, Cmdre Mazur went on to specialize in Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), in Her Majesty’s Canadian (HMC) Ships Skeena and Gatineau.

After instructing ashore, and fulfilling various sea going positions, Cmdre Mazur was posted to the West Coast to join HMCS Regina as the Operations Officer for a deployment to the Middle East. Successfully challenging his Command Board during this period, Cmdre Mazur was employed in the Pacific Coast Fleet Staff, before returning to sea in 2006 as the Executive Officer in HMCS Vancouver.

In 2007, he was promoted to Commander, and after a short period in Maritime Forces Pacific Headquarters (MARPAC HQ), he was posted to Canberra Australia to attend the Australian Command and Staff College where he also completed a Master of Maritime Studies from the University of Wollongong. Upon graduation, he and his family were posted to Ottawa where he served as the Senior Staff Officer Maritime in the Canadian Special Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) HQ.

Cmdre Mazur returned to the Navy fold in January 2012 and assumed Command of HMCS Vancouver. After a short but intense 18 months of sailing, he relinquished Command of the ship and assumed Command of Sea Training Pacific. Promoted to the rank of Captain(N) in May 2015, Cmdre Mazur assumed the duties of N3/J3 in MARPAC/Joint Task Force (Pacific). In September 2016, Cmdre Mazur was posted to Ottawa as the Director Strategic Plans within the Strategic Joint Staff. In 2018, Cmdre Mazur was posted to Halifax, where he spent the next two years as the commander of Canada’s largest base.

Most recently, Cmdre Mazur graduated the year-long National Security Programme (NSP) designed to prepare selected military, public service, international and private-sector leaders for future leadership responsibilities.

Promoted on completion of the NSP course in June 2021, and supported by his wife and two sons, Cmdre Mazur assumed Command of Canada’s Pacific Fleet based in Esquimalt in August 2021

Base Commander CFB Esquimalt

Captain (Navy) J.J. Hutchinson, MSM, CD

Captain (Navy) J.J. Hutchinson, MSM, CD

Captain(N) (Capt(N)) Jon Jeffrey (Jeff) Hutchinson, a native of Middle Musquodoboit, NS, joined the Canadian Armed Forces in June 1991 and immediately underwent Basic Officer Training in Chilliwack, BC. He thereafter completed two years at Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, BC and finished his undergraduate education at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, ON in 1995 graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History. 

After completing basic naval officer training at Naval Officer Training Centre Venture, Capt(N) Hutchinson transferred to the east coast and earned his Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate in Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Montreal in 1997. Thereafter he received his Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer’s and then his Fleet Navigating Officer’s qualifications and served in both instances in HMCS Halifax. In 2000, Capt(N) Hutchinson went ashore to serve as a Squadron Commander at the Royal Military College of Canada. In 2003, he returned to HMCS Halifax to serve as Deck Officer. He received his Operations Room Officer’s qualification in 2006 and transferred to the west coast where he served first as Weapons and then Combat Officer in HMCS Vancouver and as Operations Officer for Sea Training Pacific. Capt(N) Hutchinson was appointed Executive Officer in HMCS Calgary from July 2011 to October 2012 and in HMCS Algonquin to June 2013. He was appointed Commanding Officer of HMCS Winnipeg in January 2016 and deployed in company with HMCS Ottawa to the Indo-Asia Pacific region in 2017 where the ship conducted exercises and operations with the United States Navy, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, Royal Australian Navy, the Armada de Chile and Republic of Korea Navy, and PASSEXs with the navies of India and Sri Lanka.

He is a graduate of the Joint Command and Staff Program at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, graduating in 2011 with a Masters in Defense Studies. Capt(N) Hutchinson completed his Senior Military Education as part of the Naval Command College at the United States Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

Capt(N) Hutchinson has worked in a staff capacity for the Director Defence Programme Coordination and most recently as Director Naval Strategic Management at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa, ON. He assumed the role of Commander Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt in July 2021.

He is married to his beautiful and talented wife, Jin. They reside together in Esquimalt, BC with their two daughters, Hayden and Scarlett.    

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