RCN Honorary Navy Captains

These distinguished Canadians - appointed by the Minister of National Defence - are leaders in their respective fields and take on the role of ambassador for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) to the Canadian people as a whole. Honorary Captains come from all across the nation and are an integral part of the Navy family, each one committed to making a difference for Canada through their support of the RCN.


Honorary Captain(Navy)


Janet Austin, OBC

Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Malahat

Jim Balsillie

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Star

Adrian Burns

Chief of the Naval Staff

Dr. Wendy M. Cecil, CM, BA, LLD, FRCGS Naval Personnel and Training Group Headquarters
Queenie Choo Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Vancouver
Paul Deegan Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Radisson
Deborah Eisan, CD Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Margaret Brooke

Fred George, ONS, MSM, PhD

Canadian Forces Base Halifax

Anita Huberman

Canadian Fleet Pacific Headquarters

David Labistour Commander Canadian Submarine Force

Dale Lastman, CM, OOnt

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Toronto

Karina LeBlanc Naval Security Team

Candice Lys, MSM, PhD, MA

Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Yellowknife

Mark McQueen, MSM

Chief of the Naval Staff

Rachel Mielke Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Queen
Nik Nanos Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Carleton
Tom Paddon Canadian Fleet Atlantic Headquarters

Colin Robertson

Chief of the Naval Staff

Jeanette Southwood, BASc, MASc, FCAE, FEC,
LL.D (h.c.), P.Eng
Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Scott
Janice Taylor Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Regina

Moïse Tousignant, CD, F. PI

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Donnacona