About the Royal Canadian Navy

Royal Canadian Navy Ensign

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is Canada’s naval force consisting of approximately 12,570 Regular Force and 4,111 Reserve sailors, supported by approximately 3,800 civilian employees.

The mission of the Royal Canadian Navy is to generate combat-capable, multipurpose maritime forces that support Canada’s efforts to participate in security operations anywhere in the world, as part of an integrated Canadian Armed Forces.

The RCN fleet, divided between the Atlantic (Halifax, N.S.) and Pacific (Esquimalt, B.C.) coasts, is composed of 29 warships, submarines, and coastal defence vessels, plus many more auxiliary and support vessels. In addition, the Naval Reserve is headquartered in Quebec City, Q.C., and consists of 24 Naval Reserve Divisions located in most major cities across the country.

Services and information

Royal Canadian Navy Leadership

Read the biographies of the Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, and the RCN Chief Petty Officer.

Code of conduct

Learn about the various codes of conduct that govern life in the RCN, including the RCN Code of Conduct, and the Naval Order on Hateful Conduct.

Structure of the Royal Canadian Navy

Learn about the three formations of the RCN – Maritime Forces Pacific, Maritime Forces Atlantic, and the Naval Reserve.

Royal Canadian Navy in depth

Learn about the Canadian Naval Ensign, RCN Honorary Navy Captains, the Admiral’s Medal and more.

Intellectual property

The RCN’s intellectual property is a key element for its interaction with Canadians and the international community.

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