Sea life and mowing the lawn – PO1 Yardy and making navy-life work

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Navy News / August 14, 2019

“First and foremost, I joined the navy for service to Canada - but there’s also the added benefit of having a comfortable income so that my family doesn’t have to worry about just eating Kraft Dinner,” said family-focused Coxswain Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1) Adam Yardy, currently on a Great Lakes Deployment (GLD) aboard Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Oriole.

PO1 Yardy has had 1050 days at sea, with some highlight deployments that involved searching vessels in the Middle East on Operation APOLLO in 2002 and protecting food shipments between Kenya and Somalia on Operation ALTAIR in 2008.

PO1 Yardy said his wife Kristen’s strength is part of the secret of how they have been able to raise two children – Amy, 9, and James, 7 – and keep the family running during his multiple-month voyages at sea.

“The biggest challenge of it all is that she’s like a single parent when I’m deployed,” he said. “But, she’s just a strong person and she’s aware of the challenges associated being with a military sailor.”

PO1 Yardy said the secret to successfully navigating the sometimes rough seas of a navy marriage is planning ahead of time. For example, before his current summer deployment, he made sure to have all the small house repairs done so that there were no extra hassles for his wife while he was away.

“It’s also important to have strong communication before you deploy and talk about potential challenges that may come up. Then do things ahead of time like sign the kids up for school, or summer camp and make sure if anything is coming up that you are both aware of it,” he said.

The Oriole’s current GLD sees it acting as an ambassador for the Royal Canadian Navy and showing the public what opportunities are available for recruitment. PO1 Yardy has advice to give for potential sailors.

“There really are a ton of opportunities, we need a lot of people. You just have to do your homework and choose what you will most likely enjoy. If your goal is to be at sea, choose a trade that has a lot of sea experience,” he said.