Sailor Profile: Sub-Lieutenant Abhi Saxena

Navy News / June 8, 2021

Sub-Lieutenant (SLt) Abhi Saxena, a Naval Warfare Officer, joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 2017, becoming a submariner in 2021.

“I chose to become a submariner because, for me, it was the chance to prove myself, it was something that spoke of greater acumen, accuracy and caliber,” he says. “I was captivated by the technology, by their whole approach to combat, by the stealth and everything else.”

“I chose to become a submariner after speaking to and observing other submariners, their mannerism and knowledge. I found them being set apart from others. I wanted to prove myself as capable and trustworthy to an elite group of people that treasured competence, duty, selflessness, and courage above anything else.”

For SLt Saxena, the best part of the submarine community is the people.

“I know it’s almost a cliché when someone says their crew is the best in the business, which statistically can’t all be true,” he says. “However, in my case, the stats favour me. My co-workers are my favourite part of being a submariner. I’m thankful to all my equals, my betters for making my job so much more enjoyable.”

SLt Saxena compares being in the Submarine Force to the space program, as submarines are the closest thing to a long-duration space flight.

“To me, my job is one of the coolest professions out there.”

When at sea, SLt Saxena never leaves home without his music and books, as they provide him the ability to switch off and unwind – to leave the job behind for a while during down time.

For those considering becoming a submariner, SLt Saxena says that the will to keep going and being determined will take you much higher in this profession than just skills alone.

“From what I’ve seen of submariners, they would rather take a disciplined, hardworking member on their team rather than a skilled but overconfident superstar.”