Sailor Profile: Master Sailor Jimmy Chou

Navy News / June 7, 2021

Master Sailor (MS) Jimmy Chou, a Naval Combat Information Operator, joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 2012. He became a submariner in 2017.

“I knew that becoming a submariner was going to be a challenging journey, so I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try something new,” he says, noting that his favourite thing about submarines is the people.

When at sea, the one thing that MS Chou can’t do without is his MacBook so he can produce music while away from his home studio.

For anyone considering a life under the waves, MS Chou advises to do some research.

“Understand exactly what your trade will be like on the submarine versus in the surface fleet,” he says. “On the subs, we all have to learn a bit about each other’s trades, so that was one aspect I liked -- to appreciate everyone’s role on the submarine.”