Sailor Profile: Able Seaman Nicholas Levesque

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Navy News / April 23, 2019

Nicholas Levesque grew up in Saint-André, a small New Brunswick town 600 km west of Canadian Forces Base Halifax, where he is now posted.

During university he was stuck behind a desk eight months each year and realized he wanted to do something different. So, he joined the Royal Canadian Navy three years ago for a challenge different from his every day, he says.

Now an able seaman (AB), Levesque joined as a non-commissioned member to experience what that is like before pursuing becoming an officer.

“I’ve always had a firm belief that one needs to learn how to be led before they can lead,” said AB Levesque.

AB Levesque is currently deployed on Op PROJECTION West Africa aboard Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Shawinigan.

“It is my job as a naval combat information operator (NCI Op) to make sure the captain and command [team] have a clear picture of what is going on around the ship,” he said.

“In the operations room information constantly moves. We never do nothing.”

Part of his duties include monitoring sensors and radar to draft messages and prepare reconnaissance packages. There is a constant flow of information that goes into the Ops room that NCI Ops have to collect, display and disseminate.

“In some ways the Operations team is like the eyes and brain of the ship,” says AB Levesque.

Delivering information that helps the captain make decisions and operate effectively in theatre brings AB Levesque a great sense of pride.

“Alongside, I make the most of my [time with] loved ones. I try to enjoy my time with them as much and as often as I can. At sea, I make sure I bring a large collection of books so I can escape into the stories and worlds they create.”

AB Levesque says the people he has met, and the bonds he has created, in the Navy have far superseded those he made during his civilian life.

“Once you create these bonds, you’re always with your Navy comrades, fighting your battles together, whether at home or at work,” he said.