Petty Officer Second Class Nate Dusome

Atlantic Region News / March 17, 2017

NEPTUNE TRIDENT Role: My primary role for this operation is to lead the engineering department onboard as the Main Propulsion Supervisor with the assistance of the Chief Engineer. This consists of supervising daily maintenance on machinery and handling the administrative work within the engineering department. Another major role for this operation is to coordinate the Damage Control Training for African Nations.

Previous Deployments: Operation CARIBBE, Operation QIMMIQ 2016.

Day job: I am currently the Second in Command (2IC) of the Engineering Department onboard the HMCS Moncton. My daily tasks include standing watches in the Machinery Control Room, operating and maintaining all the ships propulsion and auxiliary systems. I also have secondary duties as an Attack Team Leader and the Unit Environmental Officer.

Why did you join the CAF: To be completely honest I joined the Canadian Forces because a cousin of mine was in the Royal Canadian Navy posted to Halifax. I had never seen the ocean growing up in Ontario, and was excited to see what the Navy was all about.

Why you have stayed in the CAF: The main reason I have stayed as long as I did is because I enjoyed the lifestyle. I was young, making good money, and had opportunities to travel that I would have never otherwise had. I have met lifelong friends and had the opportunity to take part in operations that I feel had a positive impact on everyone involved. Having the opportunity to show the flag and help isolated Inuit communities in the high arctic, patrol the Caribbean Basin and be involved in a major drug bust are all memories that I will never forget.

Quote (General): During my time in the Canadian Forces I intend on furthering my knowledge and honing my skills within my trade, becoming a strong leader that junior members can look to for guidance, and to make a positive impact on the global community.

Quote (NEPTUNE TRIDENT) Experience: Any day at sea is a good day at sea.