New NAVGEN provides updates to Sea Duty, Submarine and Hardship Allowance payments

Navy News / March 18, 2021

An update on Sea Duty Allowance (SDA), Submarine Allowance (SUBA) and Hardship Allowance (HA) payments has been released. Naval General Order (NAVGEN) 009/21 clarifies the status of these payments and can be found on the Department of National Defence Intranet.

The NAVGEN outlines actions being led by the Director Military Pay and Allowances Processing (DMPAP) which began last month, and are being supported by human resources administrators at Canadian Forces Bases Halifax, N.S. and Esquimalt, B.C. These actions include an audit of 10,500 pay files of those Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members who deployed on named naval operations during the 2003-2019 time period, and may take up to five years to complete.

Affected CAF members have been identified to DMPAP, and Assyst tickets have been generated to mark their respective pay files for audit. Identified files are being distributed between the coastal teams for review in order to determine payments to members in compensation for irregularities in the policies. Supporting documentation will be provided to unit orderly rooms on completion of the review.

Unit orderly rooms are able to confirm whether a member’s file is under review. If you were deployed during the time period and your file has not been flagged, you can contact your unit orderly room to have an Assyst ticket generated to have your name submitted for review.

Affected CAF members who are no longer serving will also have their files audited on the coasts, and their files provided to Release Benefits Administration (RBA) for action. Released and retired member may contact RBA by sending an email to

In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency regulations, these payments will be reflected on the T4 of the year that payments are received, therefore there will be no requirement for a resubmission of taxes for the affected year.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available. For questions regarding this directive, members are encouraged to engage their administrative chain of command or submit queries through the Assyst ticket process.