Navy exercises with Republic of Korea

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Navy News / July 14, 2017

By Ordinary Seaman Darien R. Wickman

After a successful joint military exercise with Japanese Ship Inazuma, Her Majesty’s New Zealand Ship Te Kaha and Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships Winnipeg and Ottawa waved goodbye and came alongside the island of Jeju, South Korea, on June 21, 2017.

The following morning, after a series of planning meetings, Ottawa and Winnipeg departed the hospitable Jeju Civilian-Military Port Complex for the next stage of POSEIDON CUTLASS 17, a bilateral exercise with the Republic of Korea.

Republic of Korea Ship (ROKS) Kang Gam Chan spearheaded the exercise that included ROKS Yul Gok Yi, ROKS Suncheon, Ottawa and Winnipeg. The objective of the exercise was to promote good relations between allied countries, as well as to provide training for the operator trades.

“Working with the Koreans proved very similar to working with North American navies. They had an excellent execution of their exercise, primarily improved by the effective distribution of their program,” said Sub-Lieutenant David Hughes, a bridge watch keeper onboard Ottawa.

The Republic of Korea Navy-Royal Canadian Navy bilateral exercise demonstrated both the efficiency and interoperability between the navies of the allied countries. The three-day program was tightly scheduled to include many forms of military operations. These included serials exercising various methods of communication, formation maneuvering, boarding exercises, gunnery and operational scenarios.

“During our interactions with the ROK Navy, the operations teams participated in multiple above water warfare and anti-submarine warfare exercises,” said Ordinary Seaman Braeden Hart-Young, a naval combat information operator. “An operation of this scale showcases our allied navy’s potential to overcome both communication and technological barriers to successfully communicate and utilize Multi-LINK to ensure warfare effectiveness and combat efficiency.”

The ROKN also provided the opportunity for sailors from Ottawa to participate in a cross personnel assignment for a couple of days. Petty Officer Second Class Shawn Hanson, naval communicator, spent three days aboard ROKS Kang Gam Chan and noted their high level of discipline.

He also witnessed the differences between navies, including work practices, rank structure, watch organization and ceremonial etiquette. “It was an interesting experience, but I’m glad I’m employed by Canada.”

On completion of the exercise, Ottawa proceeded to Incheon, South Korea, where the ship celebrated Canada Day. The first day alongside included an official meeting between Commander Sylvain Belair, Ottawa’s Commanding Officer, and Rear-Admiral Park don Sung, Commander of Naval Base Incheon. Rear-Admiral Park thanked Ottawa for the ship’s presence in the Indo-Asia Pacific, lauding these deployments and the importance of seeing Canadian ships in the area as a contributor to stability.

On completion of the port visit in Incheon, Ottawa proceeded with Winnipeg to a series of exercises with Japan’s Navy, continuing the ship’s mission of global engagement and relationship-building.

Courtesy of Lookout Newspaper