Naval Security Team creates special badge

Navy News / January 26, 2017

By Lieutenant-Commander Jeff L. Chura

In November 2016 the Naval Board and the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) Dress Committee approved a new “morale” qualification badge for the fledgling Naval Security Team (NST).

Members of NST’s core leadership team have already begun to wear the badge, and new members will be presented with it once they successfully complete the team’s Collective and Validation training.

The badge was designed by myself as the Officer-in-Charge of NST, and its symbolism is representative of the team’s duties and responsibilities.

The shape of the badge is a shield. This represents the main duty of the team, which is force protection and security. In Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) doctrine, the force protection warfare function is referred to as “shield”, so this shape is highly appropriate for the badge of a team dedicated to that function.

The inner colour of the shield is red, like a traffic stop sign, and this represents the team’s mandate to anticipate and dissuade individual people, groups or organizations from threatening the ships and personnel of the RCN.

The anchor at the centre of the shield is the official RCN anchor, and represents those ships and personnel that NST is to protect. Behind the anchor are a crossed trident and sword. The trident symbolizes the protection provided on the water via a tactical small boat section. The sword represents the protection on the land via a security and patrol section.

NST is still in an advanced stage of its development, and is moving towards an Initial Operational Capability phase for spring 2017, with its first deployment overseas at that time.

It currently resides within Canadian Fleet Pacific as a cell of Fleet Operations, but a Ministerial Organization Order and a Canadian Forces Organization Order are making their way up the CAF’s chain-of-command for eventual Minister of National Defence signature, and at that point NST will become an official unit of the RCN.

While the new morale badge will continue to be worn as an outward sign of those who have successfully met NST training requirements, a proposed unit crest has also been designed, and this will be reviewed by the Canadian Heraldic Authority for approval once NST becomes a full unit.