Lt(N) Kay van Akker helps lead Naval Security Team

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Navy News / December 18, 2018

“Being a Reservist has provided me with opportunities that I did not imagine were possible as a new recruit 17 years ago.”

After exploring a civilian career, having a family and working part-time at her Naval Reserve Division, Lieutenant (Navy) Kay van Akker decided to work full-time with the Royal Canadian Navy.

She was selected to join the newly formed Naval Security Team (NST) as the Operations Officer for the unit’s first deployment, and subsequently appointed as an NST Executive Officer.

“I am fortunate to have such an interesting job that challenges and engages me” she said.

“The great thing about being a Reservist is the opportunity to switch back and forth between part-time and full-time service in order to suit the needs of the navy, my family and myself.”

The NST is a deployable naval team that provides land and sea-based protection for Royal Canadian Navy ships and personnel at home and overseas. The Team deploys in support of Government of Canada missions, and is responsible for liaising with host nations as well as providing support and intelligence in foreign ports.

Due to the nature of NST’s work, Lt(N) van Akker travels around the world in her current role. Over the last year, she travelled to South Korea, Denmark, Fiji and across Canada. In her recent deployment to Fiji on Operation PROJECTION to build partner capacity with the Republic of Fiji Navy (RFN), she guided several workshops to support the RFN in their initiative to integrate women into their navy – an initiative that has now seen 26 female recruits successfully pass their first phase of naval training.

“I’ve embraced this remarkable opportunity and seen a very different part of the world.”