Lieutenant-Commander Emily Lambert

Atlantic Region News / March 22, 2017

NEPTUNE TRIDENT Role: LNO and Mentor/Assessor in Sierra Leone Maritime Operations Center

Previous Deployments: TF3-08, Afghanistan, CIMIC Plans Officer, 3RCR

Day job: Maritime Surface and Sub-Surface Officer (MARS) Officer.  I manage, direct and lead the operations onboard ships. Currently, I am the Coastal Warfare Officer at the Fifth Maritime Operations Group, where I coordinate ships sailing schedule, plan future operations and exercises for the ships.

Why did you join the CAF: I joined the Canadian Armed Forces, specifically the RCN because Canada is a maritime nation with the world’s longest coastline, bordered by three oceans, and therefore require a professional Navy that prevents, deters and disrupts those that would threaten Canadians. The RCN provided me with a career where I could make a positive difference protecting, serving and ensuring the freedoms we as Canadians have today.

Why you have stayed in the CAF: I have stayed in the Canadian Armed Forces because it has made me into the person you see before you today. The training I have received throughout my career has prepared me for today’s challenges and ever changing security environment.   I have developed expertise that have made me an effective leader, manager and I can direct my team with confidence in the operations of a ship.    However, the best experiences I have had in the CAF is the sense of belonging, esprit de corps and the comradery within this profession.    

Quote (General): During my time in the Canadian Armed Forces I intend to continue developing as a leader to better manage and direct my team and to be a steward of the profession.

Quote (NEPTUNE TRIDENT) Experience: My experience of NEPTUNE TRIDENT is very limited. However, I look forward to meeting personnel from other Navies and having the opportunity to work alongside them and impart my experiences and knowledge to help better their naval forces.