HMCS Whitehorse leads the pack

"Bravo Zulu" / October 30, 2015

Each week we celebrate the exploits of the exceptional men and women of your Navy from coast to coast.

We mark these outstanding achievements using the traditional naval signal for a job well done...

…Bravo Zulu


Bravo Zulu to the ship’s company of HMCS Whitehorse who coordinated a multinational passage exercise as part of their work on Operation CARIBBE. Called a “PASSEX”, this exercise demonstrates the ability of North America’s closest regional maritime security partners – the RCN, the US Navy, the US Coast Guard and the Mexican Navy – to come together and effectively operate side by side to ensure regional security and stability. It serves as an excellent platform to develop standard operating procedures and plans among the four services as they work together to counter illicit trafficking in the Caribbean Basin and Eastern Pacific.

Whitehorse’s duties as the on-scene coordinator in the PASSEX included shepherding a group of eight ships, as well as a US Coast Guard helicopter and transport plane, through various sailing formations and training activities, including small boat operations, crew exchanges, a communications exercise, and a photo exercise.

It is significant that Whitehorse, as a Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel crewed by a mix of Regular and Reserve Force members, was able to so effectively plan, organize and conduct a PASSEX of this size with so many complex evolutions. A surface action group of this size would normally have a Fleet Commander overseeing its manoeuvre. Resting this responsibility in Whitehorse demonstrates tremendous confidence in that crew, as they continue their Joint Interagency Task Force South mission off Mexico with our partners.