HMCS Montréal deploys to Western Europe for NEPTUNE TRIDENT 17

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Navy News / September 29, 2017

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Montréal arrived in Western Europe in mid-September to participate in NEPTUNE TRIDENT 17, an overarching Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) deployment ‎which will include participation in a number of international exercises in the region.

FORMIDABLE SHIELD 17, the first exercise engagement in the series for HMCS Montréal, is a U.S.-led, joint NATO live fire Integrated Air Missile Defence exercise involving eight nations, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

In conjunction with NEPTUNE TRIDENT and FORMIDABLE SHIELD 17, HMCS Montréal will also participate in JOINT WARRIOR 17-2, a bi-annual United Kingdom-led multinational exercise that will involve over 22 warships, numerous aircraft, marines, and troops.

“HMCS Montréal’s participation in NEPTUNE TRIDENT demonstrates Canada's commitment to working with our NATO allies and partners to maintain a safe and secure global security environment,” said Vice-Admiral Ron Lloyd, Commander Royal Canadian Navy. “I have faith that the officers and sailors onboard HMCS Montréal will be exceptional ambassadors of Canada during this important deployment, and I wish them every success.”‎

The purpose of FORMIDABLE SHIELD 17 is to improve allied interoperability in a live-fire Integrated Air and Missile Defense environment, utilizing NATO command and control reporting structures. FORMIDABLE SHIELD 17 will feature the first no-notice launch of ballistic missile defence and air defence targets in the European theatre. JOINT WARRIOR 17-2 will focus on submarine, mine warfare, and live-firing activity, taking place in the Scottish Exercise Areas from September 30 to October 12, 2017.

“NEPTUNE TRIDENT is a great opportunity for HMCS Montréal to train in a high-readiness environment with international partners,” said Rear-Admiral Craig Baines, Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic. “These joint opportunities allow participating NATO forces to become familiar with how each other work, which is a huge benefit as we continue to develop mutual trust and confidence in each other’s operational capabilities.”

NEPTUNE TRIDENT 17 demonstrates a Royal Canadian Navy contribution in advancing Canadian international security objectives as outlined in Canada’s new defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged.

Throughout this deployment, HMCS Montréal will also continue its experimentation activities associated with the RCN’s Experimental Ship, or “X-Ship”, program and initiatives, which are focused on supporting future classes of ships such as the Canadian Surface Combatant. HMCS Montréal was designated as the X-Ship in March 2016. X-Ship is a program designed to advance innovative and leading edge naval concepts in all areas of warship deployment, crewing, and sustainment.

HMCS Montréal’s deployment will take place ‎in the North Atlantic and North Sea and will continue until early December, 2017.