Canada’s closest ally comes to the aid of HMCS Protecteur

"Bravo Zulu" / March 20, 2014

Each week we celebrate the exploits of the exceptional men and women of your Navy from coast to coast.

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…Bravo Zulu!

Bravo Zulu to the members of the United States Navy (USN) who provided assistance and ongoing support to the crew and family members of HMCS Protecteur.

HMCS Protecteur was about 340 nautical miles northeast of Hawaii without propulsion or electricity after crew members bravely fought a fire that started in the ship’s engine room on February 27, 2014. The USN responded immediately by sending the USS Michael Murphy to assist the crew and family members aboard Protecteur. As Protecteur was taken under tow by USS Chosin and USNS Sioux for the return to Pearl Harbor, the family members on board were airlifted to the USS Michael Murphy and delivered to safety at the U.S. Navy Base in Hawaii. HMCS Protecteur was towed back to Pearl Harbor and arrived safely alongside on March 6, 2014.