Able Seaman Matthew McKay

Atlantic Region News / March 23, 2017

NEPTUNE TRIDENT Role:  Naval Combat Information Operator on the Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Moncton.

Previous Deployments:  Neptune Trident will be my first deployment.

Day job:  I work in the operations room monitoring radars, collecting information and reporting it to the bridge.

Why did you join the CAF: My dad being in the Navy, I have grown up around the Navy and have planned on joining and being an Officer like him since I was in elementary school.

Why you have stayed in the CAF: The CAF has given me the opportunity to learn and experience things that no other job will. Now that I am qualified in my trade and can sail, I also have the opportunity to travel all over the world and see things I would not see in Canada.

Quote (General): The CAF has introduced me to some of my closest friends and allowed me to travel across the country. I look forward to finishing my university so I can continue my career in the navy by commissioning to officer in the regular force.

Quote (NEPTUNE TRIDENT) Experience: I am looking forward to going on my first deployment, it will give me a chance to learn more and improve as an operator and to travel to regions I have never seen or experienced before, while also training with the naval groups there.