Backgrounder: Naval Reserve Expedited Reserve Enrolment

In response to supplementary direction given by the Chief of the Defence Staff regarding his order to strengthen the Primary Reserve, the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) was ordered to shorten the enrolment process for Naval Reservists. The new Expedited Reserve Enrolment process aims to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to process an applicant’s file. The means by which expedited enrolment will be achieved is through improved recruitment coordination and more efficient use of available recruit processing resources. These efforts, currently managed within existing allocations, are aimed at reducing the time to process an applicant’s file to only 3 visits in as little as 21 days.  Expedited reserve enrolment is designed to meet the pace of today’s applicant expectations, secure their quick enrolment and establish the Naval Reserve as an employer of choice.  This focussed effort will increase the Naval Reserve’s intake of new recruits through quicker file processing and, combined with other initiatives targeted at addressing retention, will grow the Naval Reserve’s overall strength by at least 200 in the next 2 years. The Expedited Reserve Enrolment initiative was launched in all 24 Naval Reserve Divisions across Canada on the 1st of February 2017.

Expedited Reserve Enrolment process

The Naval Reserve Expedited Reserve Enrolment process aims at recruiting applicants in 3 visits to a recruiting establishment within as little as 21 days. In the Naval Reserve Expedited Reserve Enrolment works as follows:

  • Initial contact – typically following an online application process, an applicant will make contact with a Naval Reserve recruiter at which point they will be documents including a medical questionnaire, reliability screening forms as well as other miscellaneous documents to complete before their first visit to the Naval Reserve Division recruiting office.
  • First Visit – the applicant conducts the Canadian Armed Force physical fitness test called FORCE and the medical questionnaire is sent to the Recruiting Medical Office.  At the end of this visit, and following review at the Recruiting Medical Office, eligible applicants will have their file transferred to the local Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre (CFRC) Detachment for completion.
  • Second Visit – Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Detachment administers the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT). The Military Career Counsellor will conduct an interview, the next phase of the medical intake process is completed and the reliability screening (RS) process continues. 
  • Third Visit – All steps of the file processing are completed and final documentation is administered which readies the file for enrolment.  The enrolment ceremony is conducted and the new recruit will commence elements of basic military training within their respective Naval Reserve Division. 

Continued Evolution of the Recruiting Process in the Naval Reserve

The Expedited Reserve Enrolment initiative is the first step aimed at streamlining intake and increasing the strength of the Naval Reserve.  As this process gets underway, work is ongoing that will allow all aspects of Naval Reserve recruiting, including file processing, to be completed at the Naval Reserve Division.  This will provide improved efficiency in the intake process and enable the Naval Reserve to best serve prospective new recruits.

The Naval Reserve

The Naval Reserve is a component of the Royal Canadian Navy. Naval Reservists are individuals engaged in their civilian lives who also pursue a military career on a part-time basis. They work in the Navy in the evenings, on weekends and during the summer period. They are students, teachers, lawyers, delivery persons, administrative assistants or stay at home parents. Most serve on a part-time basis with no obligation to participate in missions overseas. However, many full-time employment opportunities both at home and on deployed operations are available to Naval Reservists who wish to volunteer for them. Naval Reservists are active members in their local communities who to serve in the defence of Canada. There are 24 NRDs across Canada with most being located in most major cities across.

The mission of the Naval Reserve is to force generate trained sailors and officers who can be employed at sea and ashore in a wide range of missions that include domestic and expeditionary operations. Within their respective communities, each Naval Reserve Division strives to participate actively in the local community, both as a demonstration of civic responsibility and in an effort to keep the Royal Canadian Navy connected with Canadians.

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