Backgrounder: REGULUS program

  • Innovative program that facilitates exchanges between the RCN and partner navies from around the world with the goal of providing at-sea experience and unique training opportunities for mutual benefit.
  • Originally conceived to assist the RCN during the height of the Halifax-class Modernization program when frigate platform availability was at its lowest.  It continues to build capacity in a variety of areas. 
  • Started in 2010.  Since then, over 150 RCN sailors have participated.Canada has engaged with over 10 countries through this  program, including:
    • Australia, Chile, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States
  • The benefit to partner navies is provided through “reverse REGULUS” serials, where sailors from participating nations come to Canada in order to obtain training and experience with the RCN.