Interim Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment Capability

On November 30, 2015, the Government of Canada announced the signing of a contract with Project Resolve Inc. to develop an interim AOR capability.

This contract entails the conversion of a commercial container ship (MV Asterix) into an AOR ship, the provision of the ship’s crew, its overall operational management, and all maintenance. This interim solution will be used to provide at-sea replenishment services to the RCN in non-threat environments.

Project Resolve Inc. has been contracted to provide this at-sea service by fall 2017. The initial period of service delivery will be five years, with options to extend that period by up to five additional one-year terms. The exercise of the options will be at Canada’s sole discretion.

The interim AOR capability will help bridge the gap until the second Queenston-class Joint Support Ship joins RCN fleet operations in late 2021. Its introduction will allow the RCN’s Halifax-class frigates to continue to operate for extended periods away from home port, without relying on foreign ships or port visits for frequently required support and resupply.