HMCS Moncton Backgrounder


Commissioned in 1998 out of Halifax, NS, HMCS Moncton is the ninth of twelve Maritime Coastal Defense Vessels employed by the Royal Canadian Navy. Moncton was initially designed as a Mechanical Minesweeper but has since become a multi-role platform engaging in route survey and surface surveillance missions such as sovereignty patrols in the Arctic and drug-interdiction operations in the Caribbean.

In the 20 years of Moncton’s service, the ship has participated in several high-profile missions and deployments such as the search and rescue of Swiss Air Flight 111 in 1998, NATO Exercise BLUE GAME in 2001 off the coast of Norway and Denmark, the search of the Franklin Expedition ship HMS Terror in the Arctic, Exercise OBANGAME EXPRESS during early 2017 along the coast of West Africa and Operation CARIBBE in late 2017 in the Caribbean Seas where the ship interdicted approximately 1000 kg worth of illegal narcotics.

The ship’s motto is Resurgam which translates to “I Shall Rise Again” – a testament to the heart and the undying spirit of the ship’s Captains and crews over the years of her service.

Commanding Officer:

Lieutenant-Commander Russell Hodgson is the Captain of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Moncton. LCdr Hodgson grew up in Moncton, New Brunswick, enrolling in the Royal Canadian Navy in 2002. After completing his initial training, he was posted to HMCS Halifax where he deployed with Standing Nato Maritime Group One in the North Sea and Mediterranean in 2005.

He completed his Underwater Warfare Director’s course in 2007 and first joined HMCS Regina as the Underwater Warfare Officer for a deployment to South America and then joined HMCS Athabaskan for an operation in support of the Summit of the Americas in 2008. He spent two years teaching underwater warfare procedures at CFNOS prior to attending the Operations Room Officer’s (ORO) course in 2010. He then served on HMCS St John’s and HMCS Halifax as an ORO prior to attending Memorial University where he competed his Bachelor’s in Maritime Studies in 2013.

In 2015, he served as a Career Manager within the Directorate of Military Careers (D Mil C) in Ottawa for the MARS Occupation. In 2016, LCdr Hodgson was selected to attended the New Zealand Defence Force’s Advanced Command and Staff College (Joint) at Trentham Military Camp. In 2017, he earned his Master’s degree in International Security from Massey University in Wellington, NZ.

LCdr Hodgson currently resides in Halifax with his wife, Kiki, and his Bedlington Terrier “Tilley”. He has a passion for music and British cars.