Fitness Instructor Receives “Bravo Zulu” from Commander Naval Reserve

LINK - February 2016 / March 15, 2016

By Lt(N) Daniel Turcotte, PAO, NAVRES HQ

Corinne Bélanger, a fitness instructor at the Pointe-à-Carcy (PAC) Naval Complex in Quebec City, has been awarded a “Bravo Zulu” from the Naval Reserve Commander. Commodore Marta B. Mulkins, Commander Naval Reserve, presented her with the “Bravo Zulu” at the Naval Reserve Headquarters in Quebec City on 2 February 2016.

The “Bravo Zulu” citation reads as follows: “Through her mentorship, she played a major role in building a culture of health and well-being within the organization. Through her enthusiasm and dedication, she ensured that participants were successful and challenged themselves. Corinne is a source of inspiration and motivation for the members of Pointe-à-Carcy.”

Mrs. Bélanger was very happy to receive the award. After it was presented, she said that she viewed it as a great mark of appreciation: “Although I don’t like to attract attention, it’s always nice to be recognized like this. Especially by the military––that’s a sign that it’s well deserved. It’s nice to know that I can inspire and motivate members to surpass themselves a bit more each day. It’s also a source of motivation for me to continue challenging myself in order to keep the troops fit and healthy for years to come.”

Mrs. Bélanger has worked at the PAC since 2009. She loves her work, as is evident to those around her. She has everyone’s welfare at heart when it comes to health and fitness. “My job as a PSP coach involves more than just offering varied workouts to meet members’ needs. I believe it’s important to provide them with the tools they need to improve their lifestyle habits and strive towards finding a balance. My main goal is to share with them my passion for fitness and my philosophy, which is focused on developing a healthy mind and a healthy body,” she said.

Congratulations, Mrs. Bélanger. PAC members will be “ready, aye, ready” to sweat during your training sessions.