Crowsnest - Winter 2016

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Crowsnest is the national news magazine of the Royal Canadian Navy. Its aim is to keep readers informed about the navy through in-depth articles, news and dynamic imagery. The magazine provides a better understanding of our navy, as well as an appreciation for the great work our sailors and air personnel do for Canada around the world.

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Danielle Smith

A balancing act: environmental stewardship and maritime security priorities

The career plans of Danielle Smith did not include working for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). In fact, she would have placed “a significant wager” on the fact that this would never happen.

Naval vessels from Spain, Portugal, Germany and Turkey

Building trust with international partners

Operating as a coalition with a group of like-minded nations has become the norm in today’s military operations. As a result, training together in large-scale, multinational exercises has become increasingly important to ensure seamless interoperability in times of crisis.

A portrait bust of Vice-Admiral Ralph Hennessy

Dramatic portrait busts reflect RCN history and heritage

What do the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and a world renowned artist and sculptor have in common? The desire to keep naval history and heritage alive for future generations through dramatic works of art.


Sub-Lieutenant Jamie Tobin

Connecting with Canadians while deployed overseas

As a public affairs officer in HMCS Winnipeg currently deployed overseas, it is my job to communicate with as many Canadians as possible about the ship’s contribution to Operation Reassurance (Canada’s contribution to NATO assurance measures in Central and Eastern Europe).
January 26, 2016

An underwater explosion in Bedford Basin

Trial will better protect Royal Canadian Navy divers from underwater explosions

Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) scientists and technologists recently collaborated on a series of international underwater trials in the Bedford Basin in Halifax that provided important data which could save the lives of Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) divers and ensure they remain at a safe distance from underwater explosives.
January 26, 2016