Petty Officer Second Class Lawrence Settle

Sailor Profile / October 20, 2015

Petty Officer Second Class Lawrence Settle, originally from Dartmouth, N.S., leads a team of highly‑trained specialists who monitor the operation of the radar systems on board HMCS Halifax and who provide on-scene technical repairs and support for the ship day and night. Due to the operational requirements of the complex radar systems, it is essential that all equipment be tested regularly during a monthly equipment check exercise and be continuously maintained in working order.     

“Being a senior weapons engineering radar technician is one of the best jobs out there. Halifax’s radar systems are the eyes of the ship. If they go down, the operations room is essentially blind. It is extremely rewarding to be able to diagnose a problem when one occurs, and to know that I was part of the fix,” says PO2 Settle. “Being part of the navy has also allowed me to continue to live in Dartmouth and to remain close to family. I love spending time with my young son more than anything, and my wife and I have another child on the way. It’s great to have both sets of grandparents close by too.”

PO2 Settle joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2005. He has served on five different Halifax-class frigates so far in his naval career, including a deployment to the Mediterranean Sea on board HMCS Charlottetown. He is currently on board HMCS Halifax, taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior off the coast of the United Kingdom.

HMCS Halifax is acting as the flagship for one of the task units during Exercise JOINT WARRIOR, a semi-annual maritime exercise hosted by the Royal Navy, with participants from various Western European countries, as well as Canada and the United States. The aim of the exercise is to provide a challenging tactical learning environment for participants by focusing on large‑scale exercises featuring numerous maritime and air units.