Ordinary Seaman Sarah Bath

Sailor Profile / July 29, 2014

Boatswain, HMCS Cabot (Naval Reserve Division), St. John’s, Newfoundland

My job entails a wide range of duties and responsibilities on board ship and ashore. As a boatswain there are many different hands-on tasks that must be carried out for a ship to operate. Some of the tasks include handling small arms, seamanship and operating small boats.

I like how being a boatswain is an ambitious job. The best part is how every day offers something new. In the navy there are regular routines combined with exciting things to look forward to.

I moved from a small community to the city of St. John’s to attend Memorial University, where I’m planning to complete a Bachelor of Social Work program. While training with the Naval Reserve, I also work part-time at a nearby restaurant and volunteer with two different organizations every week.

I decided to join after having been a part of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets for six years, attending cadets every week and cadet training camps during the summer. From my knowledge and skills that developed over the years, I realized I wanted to pursue a career with the Royal Canadian Navy.

There are numerous rewards in the navy that will benefit you for a lifetime. You get to learn and experience so many things in the navy that most civilian people will never get an opportunity to do, such as travelling to remote areas, helping people in distress and making friends from all over Canada.

I would like Canadians to know that the high standard of training includes personal sacrifice, but it is worth knowing that you are serving your country. I am very proud to be part of the Royal Canadian Navy.