Ordinary Seaman Kristin Bellefontaine

Sailor Profile / May 20, 2014

Naval Combat Information Operator, HMCS Iroquois

My main responsibility is that of radar operator aboard HMCS Iroquois, a navy destroyer based in Halifax, N.S. Radar operators are the eyes of the ship. Our duties differ depending on wartime and peacetime conditions. During peacetime, our main concern is anti-collision. During wartime, we provide command with surface, sub-surface and air defence.

As a junior operator, my daily duties include tracking surface contacts, radio communications with allied ships, and passing vital information up the chain of command.  

With all the aspects involved, you never stop learning. The job varies from day to day whether you’re at sea or alongside. There is always opportunity to grow and improve.

I have some college and office administration experience. I joined the navy because I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn new skills and travel the world. I find the valuable skills we learn and the people I work with who inspire me to be the most rewarding aspect of naval life.

I want the Canadian public to know and appreciate all the work that’s involved to keep a ship sailing and maintain it alongside. Also, I would like them to acknowledge and understand the sacrifice sailors make by being away from home for so long.