Master Seaman Randy Edward Melanson

Sailor Profile / June 10, 2014

Weapons Engineer, HMCS Vancouver

I am a weapons engineer aboard HMCS Vancouver, a navy frigate based in Victoria. My trade requires maintenance of all weapons systems. It also includes the management of junior sailors in their day-to-day tasks, ensuring proper maintenance and corrective actions are completed, training new technicians about life on a ship and augmenting their technical abilities to aid in career progression.

As a weapons engineer, when equipment breaks you get the opportunity to get your hands dirty and repair the problem. I enjoy this aspect of my job even though most of the time these repairs occur under demanding circumstances when your supervisors are relying on you to get the job done quickly.

I grew up in Pomquet, N.S. The military put me through two years of college where I got my electro-mechanical engineering diploma. While in the navy, I have travelled all over the world to places such as Hawaii, France, Africa, Italy and countless other countries. The reason I wanted to join the Royal Canadian Navy was the opportunity to travel to all these amazing places and experience the unique lifestyle that the navy offers.

There are many rewards to being a member of the Royal Canadian Navy, but the first on my list would be the support serving members offer one another. It is truly outstanding and the bonds created on deployments last a lifetime.

The navy is not just a job; it’s a lifestyle choice where every day offers new challenges. The possibilities and experiences are endless, from basic training to retirement and beyond – there is nothing like it.