Master Seaman Annie Poirier

Sailor Profile / November 30, 2018

Master Seaman Annie Poirier is a Financial Services Administrator in Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Radisson, Trois-Rivières, Que., and a single mother of five children.

“Organization is an essential part of my life,” she explained when asked how she was able to keep her home in order while away on her seven-week Primary Leadership Qualification course.

All parents have to solve the challenge of coordinating and balancing their work and personal lives. This is especially true of those who are military members, as they can be deployed or go away on course for lengthy periods of time without leave.

“I had to coordinate the entire household in advance with well-defined plans.”

The first obstacle was finding someone to take care of her children during her absence. Luckily, she has a very strong network of support both in her personal and professional life.

“A soldier from my unit and a good friend of mine, Mat1 [Leading Seaman] Raphaële Médeiros and her partner, offered to take care of my children every week from Sunday evening to Thursday,” Poirier recalled.

“Of course, I could not ask that they do all the work alone. For the weekends, my current partner and the children’s father came to my house every other weekend to watch the kids.”

But wait, there’s more.

MS Poirier arranged to have a teacher help her children with their homework two days a week. Another friend offered to help pick up her son from daycare and bring him home every day, and a weekly maid service was secured for the time she would be away.

“My mother took care of preparing lunches for school every day. I spent weeks before I left to fill the freezer with frozen dinners and to prepare a schedule for parent meetings, classes and sports on the evenings and weekends.”

Even the kids were helping as they could.

“My oldest daughter would babysit her siblings after school and daycare during the week,” Poirier said.

“I will never be able to thank everyone who helped me and allowed me to go on this course to progress my military career.”

MS Poirier is a recipient of an Exceptional Sailor Award. This award recognizes sailors who have been examples for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Recipients are recognized for enhancing the profile or reputation of the RCN, demonstrating the spirit of cooperation at sea and ashore, or making significant contributions to the RCN or quality of life in Canada and their community.