Lieutenant (Navy) Calley Gray

Sailor Profile / February 11, 2019

Lieutenant (Navy) Calley Gray is the Marine Systems Engineering Officer in HMCS Winnipeg. She provides technical expertise and advice to the Commanding Officer on all mechanical, electrical and structural systems in the ship. She leads a department of 50 Marine Technicians who vary in experience levels from 8 months to 25+ years of experience. One of her primary goals is to instill an atmosphere of teamwork while ensuring the ship is comfortable for the crew and able to deploy for extended missions around the globe. In the last two years, she led the department during a 5 month mission in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region and a major $50M platform upgrade which saw 410 000 hrs of work performed on the ship over a 9 month period. She is acquiring the skills and experience necessary to eventually lead major capital projects including overseeing Canada’s new shipbuilding projects and class-wide refits. Calley has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, and two Masters of Science degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. While attending university, the Royal Canadian Navy supported Calley as a full time student and paid for all her educational fees as well as her salary. Calley was originally drawn to the Navy because it offered her a way to apply her engineering skills in a unique and challenging environment. Now she finds the most enjoyment in building her team of skilled technicians and helping them achieve their greatest career potential.