Leading Seaman Evan Stuart Gilbert, BBA

Sailor Profile / November 26, 2018

Leading Seaman Evan Gilbert is one of six exceptional sailors from the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) who were recognized along with members of the Canadian Coast Guard on Parliament Hill in Ottawa November 20, 2018, during Navy and Coast Guard Day.

LS Gilbert enrolled in the Naval Reserves at HMCS Cabot in 2009 as a Port Inspection Diver. At the time of his enrolment he was working as a Search and Rescue crew member out of Long Pond, NL for the Canadian Coast Guard. During his brief time with the Coast Guard, LS Gilbert had the opportunity to participate in a SAR EX that involved SAR Techs from 103 Gander, who then inspired him to join the CAF.

LS Gilbert completed both BMQ and his Bachelor' s Degree in Business Administration in 2010, followed by his Ships Diver course and his PID QL2 in 2011. Trade qualified, he worked successive short term contracts at various Reserve Units around the country before finding his home at Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic). LS Gilbert took a class C contract as a member of the Standing PID Team at FDU(A) and he was appointed to Master Seaman in the spring of 2015.

Shortly following his appointment he successfully completed the Clearance Diver Assessment Centre in June 2015 and received his Component Transfer to Clearance Diver in July 2015, as a Leading Seaman. After a grueling year of Clearance Diver training, he successfully received his dolphins and was posted to Fleet Diving Unit (Atlantic) in August 2016.

Since becoming a Clearance Diver, LS Gilbert has had the opportunity to partake in numerous courses, operations, and exercises such as - OP REASSURANCE as a repair diver in Toulon France, Conventional Munitions Disposal (Advanced) course at the US Naval School ofEOD in Eglin AFB, Florida, JEDD Operator course at CFB Gagetown, EX ARDENT YAHALOM in Israel, OP CADENCE in Charlevoix, QC, the Western Pacific Naval Symposium Mine Clearance Exercise in Jervis Bay, Australia. He also responded to numerous domestic EOD and diving taskings.

LS Gilbert has found that the Diving Community is a brotherhood. A team of motivated individuals who continually prove, time and time again, that their sum is greater than their parts. He is motivated by his Diving Brothers who are always striving to be better in all aspects of life and who embody their trade' s motto "Strength in Depth".