Leading Seaman Daniel Whittaker

Sailor Profile / January 17, 2018

Leading Seaman (LS) Daniel Whittaker, is a Naval Combat Information Operator and Shipborne Air Controller (SAC) aboard HMCS Montréal. Originally from Belleville, Ontario, LS Whittaker graduated from Centennial Secondary School before joining the Canadian Armed Forces in 2009 in the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment. He transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) as NCIOP in 2011 and earned his SAC qualification this past June.

LS Whittaker joined the Canadian Armed Forces because he wanted to work in a team environment where every day brings a new challenge. “As the Shipborne Air Controller onboard HMCS Montréal, my job is to ensure a safe flying environment for aircraft under my control. I provide the aircraft with tactical employment, and advise Command on any issues related to the aircraft,” he says. “What I appreciate most about my career in the RCN is that I make my family proud of the job I do. I have made some unforgettable friends along the way. I also like the opportunity to travel the world, and working in a wide variety of environments, while constantly meeting new people.”

LS Whittaker has been on various deployments such as Joint Warrior 152, Trident Juncture, Shipborne Helicopter Operational Limits trials, Op NANOOK and currently, Neptune Trident 17-02.

In September 2017, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Montréal arrived in Western Europe to participate in NEPTUNE TRIDENT 17-02, a RCN deployment. The first exercise in the deployment for HMCS Montréal was FORMIDABLE SHIELD 17, an allied relations effort to improve performance in a live-fire Integrated Air and Missile Defense environment.

LS Whittaker has an older brother who is a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force, and his younger sister, Sub-Lieutenant Jessie Whittaker is also onboard HMCS Montréal participating in NEPTUNE TRIDENT 17-02.