Leading Seaman Connor Parent

Sailor Profile / October 22, 2015

Leading Seaman Connor Parent, originally from Windsor, Ontario, is one of 13 sonar operators on board Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Halifax. Sonar operators are highly‑trained specialists who operate extremely sensitive acoustic equipment and use oceanographic tactics to help identify, track and hunt submarines.

LS Parent is also a certified torpedo tube operator and is responsible for the proper and safe launching of torpedoes. The ship’s 324 mm, Mk‑32 torpedo tubes fire the Mk‑46 lightweight anti‑submarine torpedo. These torpedoes can reach a speed in excess of 45 knots (80 km/h), are equipped with active and passive homing, and a 44.5 kg warhead. For a warship, it is imperative to have a well‑trained sonar team on board to defend against the greatest danger to a ship in the deep ocean – a submarine.

“Being a sonar operator in the navy is a great job. It has taken me throughout North America and Europe and I’m not yet 25,” says LS Parent. “It has also introduced me to people, experiences and training unlike anything I ever imagined back at home. However, I love getting back to Windsor, as I do every summer and Christmas season, to see my lovely girlfriend, visit family, go to local car shows, and head over the bridge to see a (Detroit) Red Wings game.”

LS Parent joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 2011. He completed training in Saint‑Jean, Quebec, and in Esquimalt, B.C., and is currently on board HMCS Halifax taking part in Exercise JOINT WARRIOR off the coast of the United Kingdom.

HMCS Halifax is acting as the flagship for one of the task units during Ex JOINT WARRIOR, a semi‑annual maritime exercise hosted by the Royal Navy, with participants from various Western European countries, as well as Canada and the United States. The aim of the exercise is to provide a challenging tactical learning environment for participants by focusing on large scale exercises featuring numerous maritime and air units.