Leading Seaman Amber Lynne Oldland

Sailor Profile / July 29, 2014

Boatswain, HMCS Winnipeg

I am a boatswain aboard HMCS Winnipeg, a navy frigate based in Victoria. I enjoy the diversity of the boatswain trade since every day is different and we are always busy, whether at sea or alongside.

We are the custodians of the small arms on board, RAS (replenishment-at-sea) workers, deck crew and riggers. Boatswains can also be found assisting as the SWOAD (ship without air detachment) team or instructing members on drill and ceremonial procedures. We take pride in our ship and ensure that it is stocked with cleaning gear and paint, and when it is time to lead a paint ship routine, we are there.

I grew up in Niagara Falls, Ont. My family still resides there, and I now live in Victoria with my two-year-old son Sebastien. I attended St. Michael’s High School, then later graduated from Westlane Secondary.

I wanted to join the navy because I have always been fascinated with ships – they have always amazed me. I took a liking to them at a very young age and it stuck.

The rewards of being a member of the Royal Canadian Navy are most definitely the friends I have made and the shipmates I have met. I have learned so much about the Canadian Armed Forces, my job and life in general from some of these people. Another reward of working in the navy is the travel opportunities. Any sail may seem long, but when you make a stop in a place like Hawaii or Croatia, it is all worth it.

I would like Canadians to know that the navy is always here, always present. We have an amazing fleet of ships and talented sailors. We are all led by a strong command team that inspires us to do our best every day. I encourage Canada to continuously support and stand behind our navy, because the history and the anticipated future of the Royal Canadian Navy are quite amazing.