Corporal Fernand J. Gaudet

Sailor Profile / July 8, 2013

I have three jobs on board HMCS WINNIPEG. I'm a yeoman, working for the navigator correcting and ordering charts and pubs. I'm responsible for all the navigational equipment on the bridge. I'm a meteorological technician, so I take all the weather data for the ship's weather reports. I do continuous weather observing during flying stations, and keep the equipment and spaces clean. I'm also the ship's postmaster, taking care of the ship's company's incoming and outgoing mail.

I'm still single-no family-and my relatives are all from the East Coast of New Brunswick. I like mountain biking in the Greater Victoria area and around Comox, and I give to the Lung Association of B.C.

What stands out over the past several weeks is how fast the time passed with the three jobs I have. I keep busy pretty well all day and parts of the night. Because of the length of this deployment, there's a lot of extra work in all three jobs. The first week in the Arabian Gulf, the increase in temperature took a little getting used to, like wearing shades and drinking more fluids.

We get a lot closer to and see a lot more container ships. On board the ship, you are ultimately responsible night and day for the jobs you are required to do, so the schedules and hours are a lot longer, but flexible. It was my first time in these different areas of the world, i.e., Australia, the Arabian Gulf, India and Indonesia. I found it quite interesting. With 23 years in the CF I'm used to it. I did NATO and Standing Naval Force Atlantic on the East Coast, and I've also done a few Army deployments, so no, I don't miss home, except for the rest and frecuperation you get when you arrive back in Victoria.

We are here to represent Canadians, and will be doing a tough job for them. Anything they do on their part is greatly appreciated. The rewards are the experiences, and travels to new places, and the extra pay we receive.