Able Seaman Owen Storvik

Sailor Profile / January 19, 2018

In September 2017, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Montréal arrived in Western Europe to participate in NEPTUNE TRIDENT 17, a Royal Canadian Navy deployment. The first exercise in the deployment for HMCS Montréal, FORMIDABLE SHIELD 17, is an allied relations effort to improve performance in a live-fire Integrated Air and Missile Defense environment.

Able Seaman (AB) Owen Storvik, is a Naval Electronic Sensor Operator aboard the HMCS Montréal. Originally from Camrose, Alberta, AB Storvik graduated high school from Camrose Composite High School and joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2014. He spent seven weeks deployed aboard the HMCS Fredericton in 2015 on Operation REASSURANCE in central and Eastern Europe to support security and international cooperation.

AB Storvik joined the Canadian Armed Forces for the unique experiences and the comradery that comes along with the job. “I joined the CAF to experience new things, see new places and learn new things I would not learn in any other job,” he said. “[There are] countless opportunities and working in a very tight team atmosphere with amazing Canadians from all walks of life across our Nation.”

Part of his duties include the firing of gun and missile equipment carried on major naval warships, operating the radar and radio detection devices and locating and identifying friendly and enemy submarines, ships and aircraft. While on the HMCS Montréal, AB Storvik will be part of the Fire Control Team operating either the Forward or After CEROS (fire control radar) or CIWS (Close in Weapons System.)

AB Storvik says he loves the comradery of life on a warship, just understanding other shipmates while dealing with ups and downs during days at sea and having physical fitness as a regular part of his routine. “Shooting the gun, of course is icing on the cake,” he said.