Life in the RCN

Imagine waking up for work and walking to the dockyard. You are greeted by the call of seagulls, the smell of crisp sea air and the sound of crashing waves on the rocks. You board a ship, and spend your day with a tight-knit group of coworkers. Imagine traveling around the world, experiencing new cultures, climates and customs-- and getting paid for it.

A career in the Navy has many advantages. Whether you are preparing to leave high school and are curious about what lies around the bend, or you have been in the workforce and are looking for a new adventure, the Navy has a variety of sea trades and positions with training unique to Canada and envied around the world. You can use your computer skills as a combat information operator, you can become an elite Navy diver, or even an electrician. In the Navy, the possibilities and the adventures are endless.

WO Carole Morissette

Naval Boarding Party

On April 26, 2009 a member of the Naval Boarding Party stands watch as Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Winnipeg participates in an SNMG1 port visit to Karachi Pakistan to increase awareness of NATO activities in the region.

Sgt Roxanne Clowe

Smoke marker

A smoke marker from HMCS WINDSOR, a VICTORIA Class submarine can be seen as HMCS MONTREAL sails in the background at sunrise along the Atlantic seaboard during Canadian Fleet Operations.

MCpl Eduardo Mora Pineda

Marine Engineers

Marine Engineers, Leading Seaman Travis Jagoe (Left) and LS Kenny Gaudet were assigned to replace a new fuel injection pump on the generator.

WO Carole Morissette

Commanding Officer

Commanding Officer of Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Winnipeg, Commander Craig Baines and Lieutenant Navy Nicole Robichaud a Maritime Surface and Sub-Surface Officer (MARS) watch the approach maneuvers while entering the port of Karachi, Pakistan.

Corporal Dany Veillette

HMCS Toronto

HMCS Toronto sails past an iceberg near Frobisher Bay off the coast of Baffin Island during sovereignty patrols for Operation NANOOK 09.

WO Carole Morissette

Marine Engineer Technician

Leading Seaman Dave Logan, a Marine Engineer Technician (MAR ENG TECH) onboard Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Winnipeg, conducts a scheduled maintenance wash on the gas turbine engine from the Machinery Control Console. The purpose of the internal wash is to remove the build up of carbon and other deposits, which in return will increase the efficiency of the engine.

WO Carole Morissette

Naval Weapons Technicians

Naval Weapons Technicians aboard Her Majesty's Canadian Ship (HMCS) Fredericton, install a loader unit onto a Close In Weapon System (CIWS) drum on 14 November 2009. The loader unit allows live 20mm ammunition rounds to be loaded into the CIWS drum as it simultaneously downloads dummy ammunition rounds from the drum.